Hello Everyone,

I’m in the middle of creating a yoga membership site with home workouts for you all.  The categories of videos will be:

Beginner Yoga – short, medium and full length classes

Intermediate Yoga- short, medium and full length classes

Advanced Yoga- short, medium and full length classes

Yoga Poses – I’ll go over individual poses so that you have correct alignment.

Yoga Drills – Build strength with Yoga Drills

Yin Yoga – Relax and find length with Yin Yoga

TRX – Sweat with body weight exercises with TRX

The membership site will have 1 Q&A Live Zoom Session a month.

Join the members only Yoga Facebook Group to get all your questions answered.

I’m here for you to help you be successful on your yoga journey.  I know yoga can be intimidating.  It was for me too!  Good news is that I didn’t start to take yoga seriously until my 40’s.  It doesn’t matter what level you are at.  Yoga is for everyone!  Find the appropriate level for you and let’s have some fun moving!  I can’t tell you how much joy movement brings me.  When I move, I find happiness and bliss.  I want that for all of you too!  Yoga helps to heal the body through static strength, increasing range of motion and calming the mind through the breath.  I will guide you.  I really believe that yoga is one of the best forms of exercise out there because of it’s therapeutic benefits on the body.  It will help with injury prevention so that is you do have another sport, you can play longer and with more confidence that you won’t get hurt.  Everyone would benefit from yoga!  Sign up for the wait list now to be the first to know when the membership goes live!