Ouch you guys!  The other day I was walking from my office to my son’s bedroom in the dark and I forgot that I didn’t completely push all his legos to the side of the room.  Needless to say I stepped on legos!  Lots of legos!  As soon as I stepped on them I hopped off as fast as I could only for my other foot to step on legos.  Waaaaaahhhhh.  It took about 3 or 4 steps for me to move away from the lego hazard.  There really needs to be one of those yellow hazard tapes, blocking off legos on the floor.  Or better yet, take the pains to clean them every night and let them dump them out everyday.  My son really loves legos.  He can self entertain building lego forts with Halo characters, guns, swords, doors, steps, etc.  He really is my little engineer and I’m fascinated with his imagination.  I ask him about his lego projects and he tells me elaborate stories filled with excitement.  I think I need to make a legoland visit.

I am resting again today.  I did eat lunch but I’ll skip eating the rest of the day so that I can help my body heal faster.  I’m still coughing, a lot.  I can’t wait to be well.  I feel lethargic and worst of all it took me some time to fall asleep last night because I was having a coughing fit.  I blew my nose, trying to get any mucus out but the post nasal drip is so irritating on the back of my throat.  I took those antibiotics and I haven’t taken drugs in 10 years and now I’m sicker than I’ve been in a long time.  I am reminded by how blessed I am overall to have good health.  I’m staying away from pharmaceuticals unless I’m dying in the future.  This has been the only time that I’ve been sick in a long time and it really takes you out of work, out of working out, feeling lethargic and irritated with a nagging cough.  I have another coughing fit in the morning and then it seems to simmer down, at least for now.  

I meditate outside in a sweatshirt and jeans.  I think of yoga choreography.  I think about yoga choreography all the time.  I noticed it significantly as I meditate.  I think about my students and their next steps and how I can get them there.  I’ve been teaching just under two years and I feel myself moving from a beginning teacher to a more intermediate teacher.  I’m excited to do more and really help advance people.  What’s exciting for me is that I’m starting to see in people’s bodies where they need to open up more.  Developing this eye just takes time and really understanding a pose.  Then you get to watch all different body types try and see that people struggle differently depending on their daily repetitive movements.  

Last night I watched some videos on non-violent communication on youtube.  One thing they say is that praise is violent communication.  There’s so much to learn about non-violent communication and it is a skill to really refine and it takes practice to get out of old unhealthy patterns.  Instead of praise, it’s better to clearly say what you liked, what un-met need it filled and express gratitude.  This gives a person more specific feedback instead of “you’re awesome”.  Tony Robbins says that almost everything is in your life because of your ability to communicate.  This just encourages me to improve my communication skills.  I didn’t grow up in a house with non-violent communicators.  Actually the communication was really violent and damaging.  I don’t blame anyone for it.  I know my parents were doing the best they knew how and they were doing what they learned from their parents.  That’s why it is important for us to learn about ourselves so that we can heal wounds instead of passing them on generation to generation.  Our children will benefit from our self study.  Good luck everyone and much love!