The third chakra is an amazing chakra!  This is the source of your internal power.  It is the fire that manifests your dreams and heats up your solar plexus!  Manipura is the name of the third chakra and literally means Mani – Jewel and Pura means City or Town.  The mantra and the animal associated with this chakra is the Ram.  The color is yellow and the location is at the base of the naval.  Precious internal jewels are a part of the Manipura chakra such as pearls of clarity, self-confidence, bliss, self-assurance, knowledge, wisdom and the ability to make correct decisions.  They symbol is a lotus with ten pedals.  When I do a yoga class for the third chakra then I do sequences that activate your solar plexus or core.  I often start a third chakra class with Kapalbhati breathing or the breath of fire to activate your core.  It regulates your digestive organs and pancreas which secretes enzymes used in breaking down and digesting food.  Health problems result in blockages in the third chakra such as digestive disorders, circulatory disease, diabetes and fluctuations in blood pressure.  When the energy in this chakra is balanced then you find strength and balance in your life.  This energy center is your sense of self, sense of purpose, personal identity and individual will.

I love reading about the chakras but I especially love hearing how they apply to people’s lives.  How did this apply to my life?  How can I find value in this information?  This chakra is how we relate to and understand ourselves.  As I was doing research on enlightenment, I read that knowing yourself is one of the biggest spiritual goals.  This sounds like a very simple question but it’s not always.  We are born as our true selves and as we grow up we learn a cultural conditioning of rules so that we can fit into the social circle surrounding us.  In the process we sometimes compromise our true selves, wants and desires to please our social circles.  Over time we can forget ourselves because we get so buried in the social conditioning.  Getting to know yourself is simply, questioning your beliefs, putting them to the test and see what is actually true for you and what isn’t.  For me, I like to call it finding your authentic self.  This is the self without the mask that we wear to blend into society seamlessly.  It’s taking off the people pleaser and being radically honest.  Sometimes we put on a happy face and pretend like everything is great when deep down inside, we get an uncomfortable feeling like something is off.  Imagine if all of your thoughts we said out loud, you would do more to change your life so that those thoughts were positive instead of negative.  You wouldn’t be able to lie and say you like something to be polite when you really don’t.  

Being a gregarious species we are made for each other.  This doesn’t mean hurting others or anything but learning what makes you happy and expressing that in a positive way.  It’s learning that maybe some of the social conditioning isn’t serving you and if it’s not then having the courage to go your own way.  We all have a right to explore our lives without judgement.  What works for us and what doesn’t.  It’s creating healthy boundaries so that you can live the life of your dreams.  Find something in your life that you love and become an expert at that.  How can you become the person that everyone goes to for guidance and help on the thing that you are an expert at?  When something gives you joy then maybe that is the thing that you should become an expert at.  Tap into your creativity and manifest your passions into reality.  You are capable of so much.  If you don’t know what your passions are then I suggest looking back at your childhood.  What did you do for fun when money wasn’t an issue?  How can you continue doing those fun things and make money doing them?  The exploration process should be fun and allow yourself to change your mind.  Sometimes you have to test drive different things to discover your truth.  

Look beyond what you think is capable for you in your life.  You never know what is possible but let your mind work for you instead of against you in those looping thought patterns of pain.  How can you use your imagination so that your thoughts come into form?  This is the power of the third power.  When you start to see how strong and powerful your fire really is then you can do anything.  Start to believe.  Start to dream your wildest dreams.  What does your dream day look like?  What are you doing?  How long are you working?  How do you spend your time?  Next, start moving one step closer to the reality of that dream, one step at a time.  You will see that your self confidence and self esteem will naturally become more solid once you realize how capable you are.  Push through the limits of possibilities.  Push through your fears.  Face them and push past them!  You can do it!  I can’t wait to see all the cool stuff that is bursting to come out of you.  Meditate, dream, believe and manifest.  I believe in you.  I love you.  Peace out beautiful people.