I haven’t had cable or tv in 10+ years as a conscious choice.  I have Netflix and Youtube if I want to watch something.  Since my mom moved in, she went through great efforts to get cable so she can watch the news and meat cooking shows.  I can’t stand watching the news.  I feel like most of it is fear based and simply a distraction for what’s going on right now.  It takes us away from the present moment and from the people in the same room as us.  Yes terrible things happen in the news but if anything is really that important, then you hear about it or see it in your facebook feed.  The commercials and all the propaganda that is on tv is toxic.  You don’t need to get brain washed into consumerism from tv.  And yes, I believe that it is slowly brain washing you over time.  Be selective of what you listen to.  Don’t let distractions in and let them take you away from what is important, your inner peace.  

I haven’t cooked meat in 10+ years so watching meat cooking shows is gross to me at this point.  At every chance that I get, I turn the tv off.  I don’t like the distracting noise in the background.  I can’t connect with my own thoughts.  I’m irritated with all the unhealthy ingredients they put into all these meat recipes.  Bottom line, the tv irritates me and is distracting in so many ways.  Try turning off the tv for a night if you normally watch it with someone and connect with them.  Many times we are lonely and yearning for connection and watching tv with people in the room.  Turn off the tv and talk to the people in the room with you.  Pick up an instrument and learn to play it.  Find a hobby like sewing or anything that brings you joy and do that instead.  Find your creativity and do something:)

My mom seems to struggle with turning the tv on and off all the time too.  Why is it so complicated now to turn the darn tv on and off.  I have to help her many times or watch her struggle through trying to turn the tv on for like a half hour.  I chuckle an evil giggle as I watch her struggle but I am also irritated because it will come down to me having to help her.  And I have to help and repeat myself many times.  Ok, rant over.

If you want to turn into your inner voice, your inner guidance then the more you disconnect from electronics of all kinds the better.  This is not to say that if you want to learn something or relax and watch a movie then don’t do it.  Do it but with intention and then get off.  If you are on email, facebook, social media of any kind, tv or any other distraction for extended periods of time then you are most likely not tuning into your inner self.  If you want to start following your inner guide then the answers are in the silence.  Get quiet.  If you always listen to the radio when you drive then maybe sometimes you turn it off.  I invite you to begin a meditation practice of 30 minutes a day in silence over a period of time and I invite you to commit to yourself.  You will see your world slowly transform.  It might take some time simply to quiet the mind but just do it.  A wealth of joy is inside of you bursting to get out if you can enjoy the quiet and listen.  God is talking to you.  What do you hear?