Feeling Tired

Hello everyone, I have been working a lot lately and I’ve felt tired.  I teach yoga and TRX and yesterday I subbed 3 classes which is unusual for me.  Whenever I feel tired I make sure I am getting a lot of rest to recover.  You don’t often think about how important rest is in the training process.  I am willing to say it’s critical.  You are not going to have excellent workouts when you are tired and run down.  My workouts of choice are hot power yoga and TRX.  It’s mostly body weight except for a pair of 5 lb dumbbells.  I don’t spend all day working out.  Most days I work out between 45 to 75 minutes a day.  When I work out then I like to have quality workouts.  I like to do a little extra in my TRX classes opting for the advanced options if presented.  I’m trying to shoot my heart rate up to get the best caloric burn for the time that I’m exercising.  When I go to a power yoga class then I know how to add advanced options into the routines so even if I go to an intermediate class then I know how to make it challenging for my fitness level.  I love going to advanced hot power yoga flows as my first choice if available.  I like to get in, have a killer workout and get out.


2 Hours at the Gym

I used to spend 2 hours at the gym in the past and I didn’t have the fitness level that I do today.  I was still a little chubby.  I knew it wasn’t my workouts, it was my diet but I didn’t want to admit it at the time.  I eventually changed my diet to a whole foods plant based diet.  I am high raw on this diet following a book called the 80/10/10 diet by Dr Douglas Graham.  This book has changed my life.  I eat a lot of fruit meals, especially early in the day.  For example, today I ate 1 pineapple and glass of orange juice (the real kind that is freshly squeezed).  When I eat easy in and easy out foods they use less nerve energy to digest which means that I have more energy for my workouts.  Heavier to digest foods use up a lot of nerve energy to digest and assimilate into the body.  Nothing is more readily accessible for the human body than fruit.  Every cell in our bodies eats glucose and fruit is already in a monosaccharide form, meaning that your body doesn’t have to use any nerve energy to digest it.  Yes, I gave up ALL animal products and processed foods but I don’t miss them!  I feel so amazing now that I never want to lose this feeling.



The other key ingredient in my workouts is REST!!!!!  I make sure I am getting lots of rest and recovery in between workouts.  If you are feeling tired and run down the only way to rebuild that nerve energy is through sleep.  You can’t oversleep!  Sleep as much as your body is asking for.  Eventually your body will get enough and you’ll be laying in bed wide awake ready to do something.  If you feel tired then listen to your body and sleep.  It is so important for a good workout.  When you have plenty of rest,  then the next day you will have lots of energy for a quality workout.  


Serene Environment

When you sleep, make sure you are in a serene environment.  It should be quiet and dark with a comfortable temperature.  Stop eating at 8pm or 2 to 3 hours before bedtime for better sleep.  You want  your body resting and going into that deep REM sleep instead of digesting food while you sleep.  Stop drinking alcohol and caffeine for better sleep as well.  I know this one is easier said than done but I have given both of these things up and I feel better than I ever have.  Most importantly, I sleep like a baby!  If you can get to bed early enough so that your body wakes up before your alarm on it’s own then that’s ideal.  Excellent sleep will improve your moods, your workouts, your energy levels and your life.  Seriously think about how happy sleep makes you feel.  Most people can benefit from an extra hour of sleep a night.  Try it and see how your energy and moods shift for a more positive outlook on everything.  


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I hope this article helps you improve the quality of your workouts and your life.  I’m starting a membership site for health coaching, yoga trainings, healing work and so much more!  If there is an area of your life that you need help with then send me a message, I’m always looking for more areas that I can serve!  Much love, life, health and that precious SLEEP!