Hello Beautiful People!  

How are all you doing today?  Yesterday I went to a group Reiki Healing.  It was awesome.  I walked into my friend Kolleen’s house, a Reiki teacher as she was hosting a group healing.  There were about 10 people sitting around the kitchen table filled with food.  Everyone was talking and going one by one opening up about what brought them there.  I was a Reiki virgin and Kolleen didn’t want me to say much because she knew I was going through a lot with my family and she wanted to see if the group could pick up on anything.  Somehow I was drawn to this group as healing was calling my name.  She has a front room filled with chimes on the ceiling, a massage table, a bench, crystal singing bowls, a big mirror and all sorts of metaphysical decorations.  Her house is peppered with energy related garb which kept my eyes wandering from one object to the next.  Everything has a meaning in this house.  We turned off the lights in the Reiki room except for white Christmas lights around the singing bowls. 

Before we begin all the healers find different ways to protect their energy.  I imagine I have a puffy white hairy padding all over my body.  The first person for a Reiki healing layed down on the massage table.  Kolleen then proceeded to hold a pendulum over the persons body starting with the feet and then scanning the full body to see where energy was being blocked.  If the pendulum for her turned counter clockwise then all was good and if not then we needed to work on that part of the body.  Once she was done everyone began.  She started ringing the different singing bowls which corresponded to different chakras.  I was sitting on the bench observing and then someone told me to join in and hold my hands up.  I found myself wanting to touch the person in unusual places, like I wrapped my hands around her throat.  Right as I did this I felt like I could see a bear in her.  Her whole face became a bear and I had an insight that she was repressing a lot of anger, like a bear and she needed to voice it.  Then I moved my hands to her eyes while everyone else was working on all different parts of her body removing negative energy.  I stood at the top of her head, spread my fingers wide and lightly pressed my palms over her eyes.  As I did this I felt like I was invoking the ability to see things as they really are instead of what she perceives.  Then I wanted to press her left trapezius which is her feminine side.  Maybe she needed to embrace her feminine?  I pressed with one hand while the other hand was pulling the negative energy out of her and then I would throw it away.  “Holy Shit”, Kolleen says, the energy is very powerful for her.  She has to leave and open the front door to throw away the energy and then she lights sage.  The session is over and we have a mini discussion about all of our experience. 

Everyone leaves the room and then a new person goes in to lay on the Reiki table.  We all wear our energy protection and go back in.  As we are doing this I have flashbacks to my childhood.  I used to go to sleepovers with my girlfriends and at night we would do energy work on each other.  We would play with the Ouija board, spelling words from other spirits.  We would lift each other up with one finger by everyone gathering around our friend laying down and say “Light as a feather, Stiff as a board”.  We also would hold onto a pillow and rock back and forth while we fell into a trance and the other friend would try to take the pillow away and we would have another force preventing us from letting go of that pillow.  It was great fun.  I jump back to the Reiki room and I see adults playing like children sending love and healing energy to the wounds of our friends.  This energy is real and somehow as adults we often ignore it.  Life gets busy and we often ignore our energy and feelings.  As we were doing Reiki, my imagination runs wild with images flashing before me.  I saw this guy’s inner child yearning for nurturing and protection.  His legs needed strong grounding so I worked on his shins rooting them deep into the earth so that nothing could knock him over.  He is strong when I am done.  Another girl, I feel her pain, her delicate softness and how she needed to be energetically hugged.  It was an amazing experience.  I have to leave soon so I go next….

Everyone leaves the room, Kolleen throws the energy out the door.  I go in alone and get settled on the table.  I close my eyes and I fall into myself.  I feel Kolleen’s energy with the pendulum tracing my body.  I’m dying to peek my eyes open and see where the heck that pendulum is swinging.  I wish I could see a recording of my session so that I can have an out of body experience and witness all the energy work going on my body.  I hear the crystal bowels ringing me deeper into my journey.  Someone covers my eyes and everything goes black except for one bright shining white light.  Then it’s gone and I see a small rainbow aura followed by a golden bright yellow light beaming.  It is beautiful.  Then everything goes black again and I feel like I’m walking down a dark tunnel and hands are reaching out for me in all directions and they are all trying to take something from me.  They all want something and everyone is taking everything I have but somehow I am ok because I died.  My energy shifts from fear to fearlessness and I feel an overwhelming joy.  I feel like I am so darn lucky.  I am going through an incredible amount of turbulence in my life but somehow I am happy and grateful.  I have so much.  I have two beautiful kids, a beautiful home sanctuary.  I’ve energetically released a lot of anger and pain towards people in my life and I’m doing my best by them.  My kids have a loving father who helps me so much.  I am surrounded by a loving community of friends all willing to offer a hand, a hug or a shoulder to cry on.  I feel lifted.  I have this yoga body that allows me to play and move in the most joyful ways, 20 years after I originally fell in love with dance.  I get a second chance with my love of movement.  I am reminded to play, have fun and have gratitude for all that I have.

When I am done I explain the journey that my Reiki session went on and Kolleen expertly helped me see that I had an energy shift from my old way of thinking as a victim to being super grateful for all that I have.  I had a shift in beliefs that freed me from my old chains.  I feel bliss from victim to gratitude.  One of the Reiki girls tells me that I carry anger in my gallbladder.  Yes I used to carry a lot of anger, maybe there is some still buried in there.  I used to be able to burn everything down just with my eyes because I was so angry.  Somehow that tension and pain left me.  It’s gone and I’m free, at least for now.  I’m super grateful for this incredible and selfless group of Reiki masters.  I feel honored that they would invite me to their house because they knew that I was dealing with two sick parents, one with advanced Alzheimer’s and the other who is beginning to fall with Parkinson’s.  Their loving energy gives me strength to go through the storm.  

I leave the house and give everyone a hug goodbye.  Everyone offers something, help with senior care, you can borrow my Reiki book, hugs and I love you’s to strangers who I now share a loving energetic bond.  It was a great night.  If you haven’t tried Reiki then you must.  Allow, trust and enjoy the love and healing.  Much gratitude beautiful people, we are love.  Peace and Light.  If you want a Reiki session then let me know and I’ll pass on your information to Kolleen.  She can do remote sessions as well if you do not live in Clermont.