Hello beautiful people!  Holy cow!  The other night I was soundly sleeping in my daughter’s bedroom since my house is getting remodeled.  I normally close the windows at night except this night my air conditioner goes out because the system needs more freon.  I have to wait until tomorrow for the service man to come.  It’s hot and I can’t sleep as comfortably as normal because I’m sweaty.  I have to turn the fan on full blast which blows my long hair on my face.  I have to pull my hair back, twist it and sleep on it.  I finally fall asleep.  Now I’m in a deep sleep after at least an hour of tossing and turning until I could finally settle down.  It’s peaceful.  Several hours go by and I am out.  All of a sudden I hear loud scream outside along with a purring noise.  The screams are frantic and blood curling.  They are a loud terror as the animal frantically tries to get away.  I’m just on the other side of the screen for my window!  Yikes!  I hear a noise that sounds like a rolling of the tongue.  I think it’s a raccoon but I’m not sure.  I found baby raccoons in my yard once so I know they are out there.  I live across the street from a forest and there is a retention pond behind me so I have wild life around me.  The screaming continues and is so panic stricken that I pop out of my bed like a Jack in the Box and look outside.  It’s really dark and I can’t see anything.  I turn off my night lights so I can see better.  I can’t see anything so I go back to lie down.  I hear one more final soprano scream followed by bones cracking.  Then there is silence.  OMG!!!!  I’m totally freaking out.  It’s like 4am.  I try to go back to sleep but the adrenaline is pumping.  My ears are alert to all the sounds going on outside.  I hear slurping as flesh is being torn off the bones.  Then I hear a screech as I hear teeth scraping and cracking bones.  It takes at least 20 minutes for the animal to eat the other animal.  Then I hear nothing and I can finally sleep.  All I gotta say is that I’m never gonna want to camp in my backyard with alligators, raccoons and I’ve seen wild boar out there two times too!  Waaaaaaaahhhhhh!  This city girl got scared!  Sometimes you might think the country is safer and to be honest, I feel safer in the city.

Ok, of course I can’t just look at something like it was a random act.  Everything happens for a reason in my opinion.  I look up raccoons and what this spirit animal means.  This is what I found…when you encounter the raccoon symbolism, you are being asked to let go of a situation, person, belief or habit.  Go inside and see what is stopping your progress.  They can also be a signal to accept the gifts being offered to you by the universe right now.  Remember to leave no stone unturned in your quest for resolution with the current problem you are facing.  Take time to look at the whole picture as raccoon spirit animals have the ingenuity to resolve the problem.  People with the raccoon totem tend to be shy and charismatic at the same time.  They are very sociable once they get to know the people around them.  These people have an insatiable curiosity.  This noises the dangers of what they are exploring.  They thrive on new experiences and activities and are excellent problem solvers.  This power animals energy displays calm and serene person under pressure.  They strategize their responses to chaos.  They are tactile and use touch before all other senses.

How in the world does this apply to my life?  I do have an insatiable curiosity for the truth.  The truth is what drives me for whatever reason.  Sometimes the truth is ugly but within the truth lies the answers.  Don’t be afraid to look at the truth.  Yes sometimes I’ve found myself in a lot of danger while in the quest for the truth.  And, when I’ve found myself in trouble from my seeking, I’ve been very ingenious in solving the problems.  I feel like the universe is guiding me all the time, all I have to do is answer the call.  In the meantime, I’ve been on a path to enlightenment and I’ve been letting go of lots of beliefs that are no longer working for me.  In the process I feel more free, light and fearless.  I’m learning to love and let go of control and in the process somehow life has been more beautiful this way.  I am naturally super shy but I’ve learned to get over my shyness and I’ve learned to be more charismatic sometimes.  Right now, it feels like the universe is holding my hand through this scary yet exciting time of my life.  I gladly accept all the gifts that I receive right now as I feel like I’ve also given a lot as well.  Peace out my friends.  I’m sure I can read into this further but I don’t feel a need to.  I have all the answers I need.  Life is good.  I love you!  Adios amigos!