“Mommy, my tummy hurts.”  “We’ll be back at the house in 2 minutes baby.”  “Mommy I’m going to throw up.”  We pull into the driveway and I stop.  “Open the door Pepper and throw up outside.”  “Mommy I can’t.”  Blaaaahhhhhh!  Blaaaaaaahhhhh!  Blaaaaaaaaahhhhh!  OMG!  Projectile vomits flies all over my car.  You gotta be kidding me.  I run around to her door faster than Speedy Gonzales and take her out of the car and lean her over the grass.  She stops.  “Why didn’t you open the door.”  “I couldn’t.”  I had the child proof on the darn cars!  Aaaahhhhh!  Red slime and chewed grapes are slimed all over the passenger seat and in between the seat and the console.  She seemed to find all the cracks.  There is toys all over the floor covered in vomit.  And there is vomit on the carpet.  My kids haven’t thrown up in a long time.  My daughter sometimes gets car sick but she hasn’t thrown up in like forever.  I got a bucket of water and a rag to clean this one as I peel one slimed toy after another out of the car and hose it off.  Seriously you all, moms do so much!  She says she’s sorry sheepishly.  I look at her with love, reach my hands out to her neck and jokingly strangle her.  She laughs and I say I still love her but I don’t like her yucky throw up.  I clean the mess and we all relax again.  That wasn’t fun.

My dad has been at the hospital the past 3 1/2 days.  The hospital is going to transport him to an Assisted Care Facility in Clermont, Florida where my mom and I live tomorrow.  They reduced his medication and he is doing better except he has a bad headache.  I’m sure weaning him from some of his medication has it’s side affects.  I am happy that he will be only 15 minutes away.  Now my mom can stop driving so far to see him.  It is too far for her to drive alone.  It costs more money but I think that it might be cheaper in the long run if it avoids an accident.  Plus this new home is way nicer than his old place.  I also saw their lunches and I was impressed with their food as it looked fresh.  Everyone was raving about the food so I’m sure my dad will be happy about that.  We have to buy him a bed and move his personal belongings.  He doesn’t talk a lot anymore.  I’m looking forward to taking him on walks.  They do have a courtyard loop that he can walk outside with pretty plants.  Inside they have lots of activities that they do with the patients.  I hope he adjusts well.  I know it is always stressful for an Alzheimer patient to change their surroundings.  

I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think that both my parents would be better off.  I also think it takes the pressure off of my brother in Tampa.  He has already helped tremendously and now it’s my turn.  He has a construction mess to fix with hiring the wrong contractors for an addition on his house for my mom.  Now he’ll have more time to focus on getting that fixed.  He also won’t have to deal with the responsibility of the details of my father’s death whenever the time comes.  It’s hard to even say the word death but it’s on everyone’s minds, especially mine.  I’ve been learning from it and seeing how it’s making me focus on the important things in life.  Right now, that is my family, my career and my friends.  Death makes the time that we spend during life even more important.  

Tomorrow, the flooring contractor comes to install more of my new floors.  They are going to paint the office and then I get to have that room back.  Next week the contractors come to re-do the kitchen.  The new kitchen is going to be awesome.  I don’t know what I’m going to do without a kitchen for a month while they work!  I hope they diligently hurry.  Overall,  I am blessed.  I feel really good about the change in my dad’s home and the remodeling of my home.  Overall, I’m happy.  Sending you all love and light!  Peace!