Hello everyone,

I was chatting with a dear friend of mine today and the topic of vision came up.  This is something that I’ve thought about many times as I am attempting to create the life that I want to live.  I have been meditating, creating a beautiful home environment and developing solid relationships along my path to help foster this creative process.  I have been completely transparent and opening my heart to heal so that I can move past the pain and into the creative process.  Creativity is blocked by negative emotions and thought patterns.  It’s easy to say, “just let that stuff go” and then really doing it.  You can say you forgive but how do you really sincerely do it so that it’s released from your emotional psyche?  For starters you have to get real, really real.  Become super honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to spend time alone so that you can walk down the healing path.  Find any pain that you have and feel it.  Feel it so that it can pass you instead of clinging onto it.  Feel it so that you can release it once and for all.  Release ALL negative feelings about everything.  The healing process may take some time so be patient with it.  Michael Bernard Beckwith says that the faster you forgive, then the faster your healing process will happen.  Next think of anyone that you might have hurt.  How can you make amends energetically?  A phone call, a message or a meeting to say you are sorry for anything that may have happened can go a long way. 

Next release any fear that you may have about anything.  Trust that the universe is on your side and replace fear with love.  I read that fear is simply false evidence appearing real.  There is really nothing to be afraid of.  Coming into the present moment helps us drop this fear as we can now get out of the past and the future.  I’ve been watching Eckhart Tolle lately because I’ve been actively working on a path to enlightenment.  I’ve had laser focus as the storm of my life swirls around me.  Somehow by staying centered, staying still, forgiving, softening and simply stopping, the storm is quieting down.  I’m find my inner being coming in and out of presence.  If I fall into the past or the future then I simply witness it and come back into the presence.  I’m finding that I can hold the presence longer and longer with practice.  Stay alert to anything that may happen in the present moment.  Tap into your senses and create a sharpness to what is going on around you.  The more present that you become, the richer and fuller your life becomes and the faster that the universe works with you.  Stay open to what may happen in front of you.  The universe is working for you all the time.  It’s simply up to you if you want to start paying attention to the inner guidance that is within you.  Pay attention!  This is important as this will affect the quality of your life.  Believe that you are enough, that you are worth it and that good things can and will happen to you.  What is happening in your presence right now?    

Begin to cultivate your creativity.  When we tap into the present moment then we can start a creative journey.  Creativity needs presence.  Thought turns into form as if God or the Universe is speaking through you with a greater intelligence than anything that you can come up with on your own.  When you create, don’t judge, just go with it.  Time and practice will refine your creative skills.  You may trip, fall, mess up or get criticized when you first begin to create.  Keep going.  Let your heart guide you through the process allowing the softest most tender parts of your soul to be exposed.  The rawness of what you create will be the thing that most attracts people to your projects.  An example is that, I took a screenwriting course in Chicago.  My teacher said, “Write from your heart.  Feel your heart weeping as the words fall onto the page.  Write about yourself as you are already familiar with all the wild details of your life.  You are already so interesting”.  If you are not a writer then find how you can put your heart and soul into everything that you make. 

Joy can often be your guide through this creative process.  When you take a risk you are demonstrating courage.  When you find courage then you are overcoming fear and finding an inner happiness that doesn’t leave you no matter what is happening in life.  What is your passion?  If you don’t know it then meditate on it.  If you still don’t know then experiment with life, try things and play.  If you continue to play without criticizing yourself then it will happen.  This is why it is nice to play with children sometimes.  They are so creative and use their imaginations without judgment.  My 4 year old and 6 year old interrupted me three times while writing this post for a wrestling/tickle session.  Yes it took me a lot longer to get the job done but their giggles free my soul.  They are a constant reminder to me to relax, play and laugh.  

Now let’s apply this to your life.  Ask yourself, how do you want your life to look?  What does a perfect day look like to you?  How much time do you want to spend on your creative projects?  Do you want to travel?  What do you need to do to allow the vision of your life come into fruition?  You can work really hard in life and get nowhere as if you are on a treadmill going nowhere.  Things come to you at random.  You run around in a million different directions unclear.  This affects your ability to make good decisions.  When you take the time to become clear about what you want in life then things take faster.  Less effort is used and “the way” is shown with a laser like focus.  Everything in your life becomes easier.  You know you are on the right path when life seems to start to work for you that against you.  I have a very successful friend who has it tattooed on his arm to “Try Easier”.  This inspires me as I often work hard try hard but I have been on that treadmill.  Honestly, I’m tired of the treadmill.  I want to throw it away and try easier myself.  Develop your creativity so that you can envision and design the life of your dreams.  It can happen!

To summarize, heal yourself first, drop any fear, develop creativity through presence, ask your heart, find the joy and envision the life of your dreams.  Think of all the details and laugh at the wildly fun things that you can think of.  Allow yourself to envision the most beautiful, most wonderful, most amazing life that you can think of.  Once you are clear, somehow the universe starts to give you answers as you tap into your inner voice.  Get quiet and allow the universe to do it’s magic.  Things are waiting to be born through you.  I hope this helps you see that I’m not writing this blog only to cry over the past.  I’m writing this blog so that I can heal.  I have plans.  Creative plans.  I am envisioning awesomeness.  I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.  I am documenting my journey so that you can join this wild ride that I am on!  Come with me!  I hope this inspires you to find a vision for your life and create your most beautiful life!  Much love, light and happiness beautiful people.  I love you all!