It’s time for me to start writing this book that I want to write and I am procrastinating!  I worked a Thai session last night and then taught class.  After I take my kids to Food Truck Night so my kids can jump on the bouncy house and climb the rock wall.  They have a blast at Food Truck.  River had so much fun and was jumping a lot.  I’m happy because he is a little introvert guy and I was worried he’d get hurt or be too shy but he was ok.  He just laughed and jumped and laughed and jumped.  He had so much fun that he wouldn’t tell me that he had to go to the bathroom and wet himself, ugh!  

My sweet little 6 year old girl loves climbing the rock wall at Food Truck as she is a little ninja.  I watch her effortlessly climb and can’t help but to giggle at her outfit.  She is such a girly girl.  She wore a flowery skirt shorts with a sparkle top and iridescent pink glittery kiddie high heels.  I told her to take the shoes off but she insisted on wearing them.  Ok I say.  As she climbs, she has to climb with duck feet because of her heels.  It doesn’t matter, she easily scales the wall just the same as she easily scaled her crib when she was 15 months old.  I couldn’t believe it that a 15 month old baby could easily climb out of her crib.

After food truck, I go home and their daddy takes the kids and I had 2 hours to write and what to I do…I eat one of my mom’s weed brownies with her!  The brownie knocks us both on our butts.  She doesn’t like how high she is and it really affects her footing.  She has to shuffle across the room.  I start to laugh like major giggles.  Then I have to tell her to just go to bed so she can settle down.  I can’t write, I feel crazy.  She asks me how long until she stops feeling weird.  I tell her to just sleep it off.  She says this was dumb because now she feels awake but she wants to sleep.  What is the point of getting high and going to sleep she asks?  Good question.  I pass out.  I wake up mad at myself for procrastinating.  I need to stay away from my mom’s brownies if I’m going to get anything done.

I meditate in the morning to clean my mind and to witness what is coming up.  I struggle because my foot falls asleep and my lower back hurts.  I sat cross legged but I prefer sitting up in a chair when I meditate.  I just think about how I need to just get started.  Today will be the day that I make the start.  First I’m going to yoga and then I’ll work the rest of the day with one meeting from my lawyer friend to go over legal matters regarding my parent’s death planning.  It stinks to do this or think about it but it is also calming to have to opportunity to talk to my mom and work this out together.  Reconnecting with my mom has re-grounded me.  I feel empowered and healed.  Now it’s time to stop procrastinating!  And Focus!