I meditate in the rain on my side porch today.  It’s a light soft rain.  I listen to the birds singing, the wind blowing the leaves and the thoughts in my mind.  I had a beautiful reader of my blog recommend that I read the Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer.  It’s a book about consciousness.  It talks about that little voice in our heads that has Samskaras or impressions on our minds from good or bad experiences that lead us to have conditions on what will or will not make us happy.  Michael talks about how we ultimately want to be happy and excited about life.  He recommends that we have a choice to do this all the time by simply removing these conditions and be open all the time.  Wow, this is powerful stuff!  

In my yoga teacher training, I asked my teacher, how can I protect myself from negative energy that I feel from someone else so that it doesn’t affect me?  She pointed out that I didn’t feel safe if I needed to protect myself.  This is clearly fear.  I realized that I have been blocking my heart.  I’ve literally been shutting my energy off and blocking my heart because of negative samskaras from the past.  What would really make me happy is to open my heart.  How can I find compassion for this person?  How can I live my life without a set of conditions that must be fulfilled in order for me to be happy?  How can I lose my fear and stop trying to protect my heart?  It’s simple?  I can choose to be open.  I can be open to love all the time.  The first step is to witness when this is happening so that I can develop an awareness.  The second step is to actively choose to let go of my fear and unblock my heart.  I don’t need to protect myself all the time.  This is creating separation and blocking me from what I really want, happiness. 

Overall, this spiritual path that I am on in ultimately about freedom.  The journey has been the most exciting ride that I have ever been on.  I am so fascinated by all the spiritual gems that I’m learning and they are setting me free!  I have to admit, looking at your fears, admitting them and actively making changes to confront them can be terrifying.  The joy that can come out of releasing your fears and opening your heart is blissful. 

Whenever my kids tell me that they love me, I look at them and tell them that they are tickling my heart.  They laugh and giggle.  Last night they couldn’t stop hugging and kissing my whole face.  It was the sweetest thing in the world and yes my heart was bursting.  I want my heart to be open all the time and feel love and give love freely like how my children do.  Yes sometimes the mommy is the student to the children as their lives are a little untainted by cultural conditioning.  They have less Samskaras therefore their hearts are more open.  Go get this book.  It is a gem and thank you sweet Julie for recommending it.  I literally couldn’t put it down!  I’m off to the chiropractor as this is my fifth appointment and supposed to be my last one.  Peace out beautiful people and open your hearts all the time.  I’m doing the same.