First Self Publish Kindle Book

Hello Beautiful People!  I’m super excited because I self published my first Kindle book on Amazon, Health Through Fruit!!!  I started this project about a year ago and the task seemed daunting to me.  I was completely overwhelmed with the organization of the book and which ideas to implement.  I watched a youtube video on how to write a kindle book.  I was thinking, I write a blog, this should be simple right!  Ha!  I signed up for an eCourse to hold my hand through the process because I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it without some guidance.  I took the course six months before I actually finished my book.  I got really motivated and wrote out all the chapters in my book.  Then I proceeded to write and I did finish a few chapters but then stopped. 



Life seemed to creep in and the business of daily activities too over.  I’m not really sure what happened but in a way sabotaged myself.  Doubt and feelings of vulnerability got the best of me.  “Who am I to write a book?”, “Am I qualified enough?”, “Do I know enough?”, “I’m not smart enough to write a book?”, “People won’t like what I have to say?”  It sounds ridiculous looking back on it.  I had fear of being judged.  The bottom line with any creative work is that we are our own worst critics.  We need to let go of the need for perfectionism and let it out.  I watched videos of famous authors and their experiences and was re-inspired.  Famous writers like Elizabeth Gilbert would say how they like to write fast so to get it out and not go back and revise.  However it comes out is perfect.  Wow, what a relief that was to hear.  We all have a unique voice and story that only we can tell.  Letting go of our inner critic is the key to developing our creative force.  If I can do it then so can you.  

Somehow I muster up the motivation to finish my book.  It’s a kindle book and really only needs to be around 40 pages.  I can do that!  At first I was making it too complicated so I simplified some of the chapters to make the flow and the read smoother.  I sit down in front of the computer and one key stroke at a time I finish my first eBook!  I can’t even begin to tell you the pride and excitement that I had when it was finished.  I had a cover made and viola!  I upload the book to kindle and now it’s available for sale.  Hooray!


My Motivation

My motivation behind writing this book is to help people find excellent health!  Health can be fun, tasty and simple.  I watched lots of friends and family suffer with autoimmune diseases that were avoidable.  I discovered incredible health benefits by eating fruit.  After I changed my diet then I saw my health soar!  My ex-husband cured his Lyme Disease.  I healed my eczema and my chronic sinusitis.  I feel amazing and I can’t tell you how good life gets when you feel good.  My yoga practice has taken off and I attribute it to my healthy fruity diet.  Read about my personal journey to health by traveling deep into the Andes Mountains in Ecuador in search for some answers.  I found them and I share them all with you in my book.  I sincerely wish you happiness, love and health.  We live in our bodies.  Our bodies are the most magnificent machine that we will ever know.  Let’s learn how they optimally run to avoid diseases and to enjoy good health.  Much Love and Light!