Today I meditate by my pool house.  When I meditate I purposely do not do a guided meditation, I am sitting in silence.  Only that it is anything but silence.  Outside I am listening to my thoughts and to the sounds around me.  Most importantly I am listening to my inner guide.  I like to meditate in nature as my opinion is that nature is our best teacher.  When I’m out in nature, it has something to teach me.  I usually notice the birds tweeting and didn’t notice all the bugs singing!  Today I listen to the bugs.  Were they always there?  I also hear frogs croak, birds chip and the wind rustling the leaves.  When you really get quiet, there is so much to listen to.  I can’t tell what kind of bugs are making a noise but it sounds like grasshoppers holding a long note and then it stops and then it starts again.  During the day in central Florida, I’m not sure if it is grasshoppers making that noise?  It’s been raining here lately which seems to bring out the bugs.  The bugs usually annoy me but today I love them.  I wonder which ones make which noise.  There’s so much to learn.

The other day I watched a Kate Winslet movie called A Little Chaos.  I love her movies.  It’s about Sabine de Barra, who is an incredible garden designer for the Palace of Versailles.  I think about this movie and all the flowers that my mom has been buying.  She loves red and hot pink geraniums.  She has them all over the front and backyard of my house.  This reminds me of being a kid and how she would always be in the yard planting flowers.  We had one of the best looking yards because of my mom’s love for flowers.  I remember feeling a lot of pride for how pretty the yard looked and felt.  On Mother’s Day my mom got flowers from my brother Brent and she would move flowers into whatever room her or I moved into.  I have a backyard garden that I haven’t maintained as well as I could.  I am inspired to revive it.  I had a friend Chelsea who once said that I should turn it into a meditation garden with fountains and statues everywhere.  I like this idea and I’m going to run with it.  I have a little hill off my back porch and I bought 18 blue flower ground covers for it.  I moved my jackfruit tree and I planted a new red bush in the pool house.  This is the beginnings of the meditation gardens.  Every week I will do a little more work on it.  

I need to get my gutter’s fixed as I am still having erosion issues on one side of my hill.  Step by step, my house is slowing coming together into a paradise oasis.  I love it.  I love the creativity of making my space beautiful.  I am going slow but steady with home sanctuary projects.  The other day my mom was sitting on the lanai and she said she loves the new windows on the lanai from Seabreeze.  She also said that she was excited about the gardens.  I learned a lot about permaculture and I always wanted a food forest.  I started this project years ago and let it go.  Now it’s time to bring things back to life and plant some color around the yard per my mom’s lead.  I used to have a jasmine trellis in the front yard so I plan to work on that project next.  I love the smell of jasmine.

Lately I’m been inspired by Michael Singer’s work.  He talks about the mind and goes as far as explaining how the universe was created with The Big Bang theory.  My dad was really into science and he read a lot of books on this topic.  My dad would play around with meditation and loved quantum physics before his Alzheimer’s took force.  Michael’s work reminds me of my dad.  I’m a person who likes truth and I like that science offers this.  There is proof that events actually took place.  I resonate with Michael’s work because of this.  It makes me see the genius in my father.  He was an incredibly smart man.  I’ve been blessed by his teachings and I plan to continue his work.  Michael Singer’s course on The Untethered Soul in Action is incredible.  I’ve never listened to a teacher who was able to explain things so concisely.  I look outside from my desk and see the rain.  I’m glad the rain is watering my flowers.  It is making them bloom.  I feel my heart blooming as well.  Peace out beautiful people.  I encourage you to create a beautiful space for yourself at home.  It doesn’t have to be the whole house or yard but find a space and make it beautiful, like your heart.  Love & Light!