Hello beautiful people,

I just finished creating this new Assisted Thai Yoga video.  Yes, I have to work, lol!  I’m really putting in a lot of effort to grow my business and to share the healing art of Assisted Thai Yoga.  I truly know this service will help so many people as it helps to lengthen the body, remove energy blockages and stretch the muscles, all in a therapeutic setting.  I met this beautiful couple at an event that I worked and they offered to barter Assisted Thai yoga for filming my video.  Yay!  This video is my foundational flow in fast time.  This session is normally 90 minutes but I did the flow quickly so you can see the full flow.  Who wants to sit through 90 minutes, right?  Many people ask me what Assisted Thai Yoga is and there is no better way to describe it other than to simply show you.

I was first introduced to Thai Yoga in my 200 hour teacher training.  A few months later, I met a friend who was trying to book an appointment with a lady in New York who does Thai work and he couldn’t get in for over a month because the service was in demand!  Once people try it, I often get people who want to come back again and again.  It’s different than a massage in that I don’t use oil.  You keep your cloths on.  I use a Thai mat on the ground verses a massage table.  It’s a little more interactive than a massage because it involves three dimensional yoga stretches verses a two dimensional service.  If you haven’t tried it then it’s simply a MUST.  I really mean that.  You haven’t spoiled yourself yet like you will during an Assisted Thai Yoga treatment.  It’s the ultimate in self care as there is something about holding onto your issues in your tissues.  When the body opens then we can release that tension that is binding us up.  There is also something healing about a loving touch.  We want to be connected so much and it’s amazing what a nurturing touch can do.  I often feel bonded with my clients right away as I feel their wounds.  I haven’t worked with one person who isn’t suffering in some way.  People are either holding onto emotional wounds or there is an injury or tightness that they are working through.  I really want to help people heal themselves.  I want to see my clients happy, healthy and thriving.  It’s my life passion and there is nothing more exciting to me that to see my clients transform into the beautiful loving healthy souls that they are, healed.  

After my friend told me that he couldn’t get an appointment in New York for a month, I was curious.  I started to do a lot of research and I came across a video by Michael Sitzer.  He had a fast time video and I was super impressed by his work.  When you want to provide a great service, you find a great teacher.  I watched tons of videos and Michael’s was one of the best.  I had to go to this teacher.  I saw that he had workshops in Atlanta, GA and I instantly booked and drove back and forth there a few weekends and another in Asheville, NC.  Training was a beautiful experience.  We often live our lives guarded, almost as if we are waiting to get hurt.  During training, everyone was so open, eager and giving.  Everyone, soaked up the information and generously showered each other with so much love and kindness.  It really was a beautiful experience.  I love it and I’m super happy to share it all with you now.  

I presented the Assisted Thai Yoga sessions to Gina Keefe at One Yoga & Fitness and being the pioneer that she is, she offered her space for me to do sessions.  This was a new service that the studio has never seen before.  How can I encourage people to try it?  How can I show people how awesome this service is?  Live demonstrations are honestly one of the best ways to see what to expect.  The other way is to show you with a video so that if you missed a live demo then you still have an opportunity to check it out.  

Assisted Thai Yoga is a combination acupressure of Chinese Sen energy lines, Indian Ayurvedic Yoga postures and a Buddhist Loving Kindness meditation.  You get to simply walk onto the mat with comfortable cloths, ideally without buttons or zippers for obvious reasons, and bliss out.  This time is yours, undistracted with a therapeutic healer focused 100% on your well being.  I can’t think of anything more incredible than that.  

Come see me.  Let me take excellent care of you.  I want to help you relax and enjoy this beautiful art.  Call or text me today to make an appointment, 352-603-0025.  Much Love & Light!