What is Mindfulness anyway?  I hear this buzz word all the time and I did some research with efforts to understand it more.  How can mindfulness be of value to me in my life?  I love Michael Singer’s work on the topic and I summarized what I learned.  I hope it helps.  I’ll attach his video below too if you want to learn more.  He’s amazing and his work has already helped me so much. 

Step 1: Stop and observe your thoughts.  Create an awareness of what’s going on inside of there.  Things happen to us in our lives and create samaskaras or impressions on our minds that are either positive or negative.  These impressions affect how we react to events that unfold before us.  Do not take responsibility for your thoughts.  Do not judge your thoughts.  In the past these events happened and samaskaras were formed.  If you dealt with them well then often times these events come and go.  If you did not deal with them well then we tend to store them.  The more difficult your life then the more stuff that you have stored inside.  You are doing a destructive thing to yourself when you store negative thoughts.  You have a choice not to cling to unpleasant experiences.  Your mind creates thoughts all the time.  It is a thought making machine.  You are simply the awareness that is aware of the thoughts being created.  All of your life experiences teach you things.  You are going to start to say thank you to these thoughts.  You store all the things that have ever bothered you.  Then you create conditions for the world to be so the world won’t bother you and so the mind can feel safe.  You need to not cling onto events in the past and instead let events pass though you.  Let them go and don’t get involved in them.  You get hung up when the world doesn’t meet the conditions that your mind created for it in order to feel safe.  You need to start accepting reality if you want to be ok inside.  Look outside, see the world as it actually is and be ok with it.  Come into harmony with the reality that is in front of you so that you can participate in life.  How can you bring love and beauty to it?  Never start from the position of, “I’m not ok.  This is how the world needs to be for me to be ok.”  You can’t count on the conditions of the outside world to go the way that your mind wants them to go in order to feel safe so let it go.  Get real.  There is no benefit to storing unpleasant experiences.  This is serious as if affects the quality of your life.  Learn to enjoy the experiences of your life.  Your mind is brilliant and is trying to release these negative thoughts.  You are choosing to store them.  Give yourself a break.  Don’t miss the moment in front of you.  Every second you can practice mindfulness.  Be present.  Pay attention to the life unfolding before your eyes.  An example of when we are not mindful is if you read and your mind is elsewhere and you have to re-read the paragraph you just read.  Read that paragraph one time with mindfulness.  You will get things done faster and more efficiently.

Step 2:  Relax.  It’s not about your mind.  It’s about your relationship with the mind.  Have fun as you are the only one in there so make light of it!  Relax and lean away from your thoughts.  This give you time to let it go.  Learn to make the choice to let things go.  Learn to develop a beginner’s mind where everything that happens to you is the first time that it happened.    No expectations.  No judgements.  No comparing with the past.  Simply a new experience.  Embody the new experience.  

Your thoughts hurt you because you get involved in them.  It’s your resistance to your thoughts that hurt you.  Thoughts themselves can’t hurt you.  Let stuff pass through you.  Don’t constrict them. 

Art is the pinnacle of mindfulness.  You are not doing it for yourself.  It’s doing you.  You lose yourself in it.  All of your life should be art.  Every single second should be you expressing and experiencing.  It is never about I’m not ok.  How does everyone else need to be for me to be ok?  Even the weather.  That’s a non-starter.  Let go of the mess you created inside.  Instead create art.  You can find art in almost everything, music, cooking, gardening, cleaning, decorating, writing, movement, communication, etc.  How can you experience and express your life more?  There is creative energy that wants to get out.  Instead learn to lose your mind in your art.  

I find Michael Singer’s work simple to understand, compassionate and beautiful.  I love the idea of observing our thoughts, relaxing and losing ourselves in art.  I am going to do a 30 day mindfulness challenge for myself, I hope you join in with me.  Spend 15 minutes in the morning to meditate.  Simply be aware of the thoughts, no judgments and let them pass through you.  Next, begin your day with mindfulness.  That means to be present every moment of your life unfolding before you.  If you find a Samaskara coming up then create an awareness around it and choose to let it go.  Relax.  You will find yourself falling into your thoughts.  This is a practice.  Through this practice, do not judge yourself.  Just let it go.  Live the reality in front of you.  I have so much mindfulness to practice.  Life can be exciting if you choose for it to be.  Tap into your creativity and let all the beautiful amazing things come out of you.  Express your soul.  I want to see what you can do.  Heck, I want to see what I can do!  I love you all and remember, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, everything is fixable.  Peace, peace, peace, shanti, shanti, shanti.  Bliss.