I meditate by my pool house today after I drop off the kicks.  It’s a beautiful morning. The birds are singing.  The weather is still cool.  The sun softly shines at 8:30am.  I keep thinking about the Michael Beckwith’s youtube video that I watched yesterday and posted in yesterday’s blog, “Michael Beckwith Leave Mediocrity Behind You with Lewis Howes”.  Towards the end of the video Michael talks about how mediocrity attacks greatness.  He says how nobody talks about you if are sitting at home eating potato chips but if you are doing something with your life then mediocrity loves to attack it.  My mind was wondering about this topic because I want to continue to grow spiritually, mentally, physically.  I work really hard.  I often get the comment that I work too hard.  I don’t think so.  It’s true that I work really hard but not “too hard”.  I’m not getting compensated for how hard I work but I do it anyway because I love the growth.  When we stop, stagnate and cease to grow then that is how we create our own personal hell.  I am in complete alignment with where my life needs to go and I don’t want to stop.  It’s exciting to feel myself find my personal power.

After my lovely meditation I research mediocrity on youtube and for some reason I clicked on “Never Settle for Mediocrity” David Goggins Top 10 Rules.  I don’t even know who David Goggins is but it turns out he’s an ultramarathon runner, triathlete, etc.  He’s a pro athlete.  I proceed to watch his video which inspires the heck out of me.  Seriously, I feel like I can do anything with my life and I really identify with what he is talking about.  One thing that resonates for me that he kept mentioning was that when he is training, then he is also training his mind.  In Natural Hygiene there is a whole section on self mastery which is basically having control over your choices in life.  For example, if your intention is to lose weight then you consciously make the choice to not eat the chocolate cake for desert.  In a way we are callus’ing the mind.  He says that if it’s raining outside then he needs to run.  Everything that he didn’t want to do was what brought him success.  I feel like it is true.  As I train in my yoga classes, I am training my mind.  As my practice gets stronger, then my mind gets stronger.  I’m finding my strength through discipline and a constant desire for growth.  I’m not thinking about the end goal as much as I am thinking about, what is my next step?

I want enlightenment in my life.  For me that is simply means breaking away from the fears that hold you back from your infinite potential.  I want to tap into my infinite potential, thrive, create and play.  It is an incredible feeling to feel like some of the things you never thought you could do, are within reach.  I’m not only talking about yoga.  This transfers over to everything in your life.  When you have fear and promote fear then you live a small life.  I want my life to be big.  As David Goggins says, train your mind to say “How am I going to do this?”.  “Don’t manage expectations, exceed them!  Be in constant pursuit of greatness.  Work on your weakness so you grow so that no matter what life throws at you then you will be able to handle it.  Then you will not fall apart.”  I can relate to this because honestly, I feel like life was “too hard” for me for a long time. I was falling apart.  I wasn’t handling it well so I am working on my weakness.  I am training my mind. I am working really hard.  I have discipline.  I am working on removing distractions so that I can get there.  I feel my internal strength growing.  I feel grounded and confident.  I really like the person that I am.  Yes I still have good and bad days but I’m working on it.  

I think about how can I train my mind to handle what is going to happen with my parents.  My greatest fear through all their health problems is their death.  How can I prepare for this so that I don’t fall apart.  It’s coming but I still have time.  They both are very sick, my dad with Alzheimer’s and my mother with Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, Edema and kidney stones.  I’m working on making the best of it with them and making the best of myself.  I’m about pick up my son from pre-school, go to the chiropractor for my hip (this is my 4th trip), and take my mom to her movement therapy so she can work on the gait with her walk.  I’m making arrangements with my mom so that we can visit my dad in Tampa once a week.  She misses him.  There is a yoga studio in Tampa that I want to train at so I am trying to arrange our visits so that I can take a class and visit my dad.  I am growing through the friction in my life.  It will all be alright.  Don’t let mediocrity slow you down.  If you have a dream or a goal and you want to do it then go for it.  Don’t worry about what people say about you.  Do it for yourself because you want greatness in your life.  You can do it and you deserve it.  Do it with me!  Peace out my beauties.

P.S.  Actionhiro is the instragram photo at the top and he has an amazing instagram page.