OMG you guys!!!  My mom got high on marijuana brownies!!!  My mother is the squeakiest, cleanest, goodie goodie that you ever met and at 70 years old I got her high for the first time and I can’t stop laughing.  Honestly, the combination of her bravery with all the health issues that both her and my father are going through and her innocence with never trying marijuana before is so endearing for me.  When I was young, I would have gotten my ass kicked for doing weed so I kept it all secret.  Finally, I started being open and honest with her because I see her in an incredible amount of pain and I want an authentic relationship with my mom, no matter what for the first time ever.  Here’s how I convinced my super conservative mother to try a weed brownie and she liked it:)

My mother recently moved in with me because both her and my father’s health is declining rapidly.  We had to put my father in an assisted care facility because his Alzheimer’s disease was too much for us to take care of alone.  I can help when I’m home but I have 2 children and often have to leave to drive them places and work.  The problem is that he needs 24 hours care.  He’s having incontinence and he is defecating himself.  He’ll also leave the house and get lost on walks if you are watching him.  I’m not available 24 hours a day.  Yes we could get a nurse but a nurse may only help 8 hours and I need someone all the time with him.  It’s unfortunate because I love my dad so much and I want to do everything that I can for him.  

On the other hand, my dad being in a home has been the best thing for my mother.  She has been caring for him and it’s an incredible job for a healthy person.  My mother has Edema, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and regular kidney stones.  Her kidney stones are so bad that it has caused bleeding like her period.  She has taken medicine for it but she still suffers greatly.  She has been on a cruise with my dad for the past 3 months and cruising in lieu of a nursing home until they were medically evacuated off the ship in Hawaii in December.  She has been in so much pain and had been the person to help clean my dad when he has accidents and takes care of him.  It’s really difficult and with all the pain that she has been in, I don’t know how she did it.

Her being at my house is the first time that she has had any rest.  She walks with a gait because her right side of her body is going paralyzed.  She has tremors and strange twitching because of the Parkinson’s.  I went to Lucky’s with her and I saw her limping through the store quickly while she clenches her stomach and breaths heavy.  She couldn’t wait to leave and take her medicine.  She is on heavy pharmaceuticals for Parkinson’s, antibiotics for a diagnosed UTI and pain medicine.  All of these medicines are super hard on her kidney’s.  I believe they are a contributing cause to her kidney stones but also a catch 22 because she needs them because her pain is so bad.  I think she is on the verge of Chronic Renal Failure but she hasn’t been diagnosed with that yet.  We see doctors all next week.

The other benefit of her staying at my house is that I eat a high raw whole food plant based diet.  My mom is not a healthy eater and now she has no food in the house except healthy foods.  She loves her soda pop and I won’t let her have it in the house.  Soda is terrible for you especially when you have kidney problems.  She is eating lots of fruits and vegetables now and claims that she’s starving.  I know she is just being dramatic as making changes in diet takes time and getting over cravings can be challenging.  She watches meat eating cooking shows all day which I can’t watch.  I teach her about youtube on the smart tv to have her watch plant based cooking shows.  I honestly feel like healthy eating will help ease her pain as well.  She is still going to die, I know, but if it gives me more time with her or if it increases the quality of her life then I want to help.

The other night I see my mom laying in bed and she is wincing in pain.  She curls tight in a fetal position and then arches her back and twists her head side to side.  I can hardly stand watching her suffer.  I think she is near the end of her life but you never know.  I txt everyone I know who might have edibles because I know my mom won’t smoke weed.  I have a dear friend who had some brownies made for me and brought them by.  They were made with an Indica strand which is the more sleepy kind.  Usually my mom has been waking up at 3am every morning and can’t sleep.  My friend talked with her and explained to her why it will help her pain and she listened.  My mom never listens to me.  I’m so happy she did now.  

My mom is in my vegan house and the only sweet thing that is not vegan are those fresh chocolate brownies.  I bag them all up separately and leave a bag in the microwave for her so that my kids don’t get it.  I hide the others away.  She ate a half a brownie that night and for the first time in a long time slept all the way through the night until 6 or 7am.  She said she took the brownie and was out like a light.  She needed it.  I noticed that she ate another one today and I’m literally giddy inside.  My goodie two shoes mom is getting high and she liked it.  I’m glad that she tried them and was open minded.  She was brave to try something new because for her this was scary.  I’m happy with the results and yes absolutely I am a proponent of medical marijuana!  I don’t know why it was ever illegal.  I’d take medical marijuana any day over taking pharmaceuticals.  If anyone judged this situation then maybe you never watched anyone suffer in excruciating pain.  I think we are all smart enough to learn about the pros and cons of medical marijuana and we can make the call to take it or not for ourselves.  The government can stay out of this aspect of our private lives as far as I’m concerned.  We all should have a right to have access to medical marijuana if we need it.  This is a plant medicine and from what I see has offered much needed relief.  

Thank you to my dear friend.  It has put a huge smile on my face.