I was trying to get my dad to look up in this photo but he wouldn’t.  People who know my dad in this picture would immediately see that he has lost a lot of weight.  His checks are sunken in and typically my dad was chubby.  He didn’t start to gray for the longest time and it seems only within the past couple years that his hair has gotten more gray.  He is starting to roll his lips under his teeth and I never saw him do that before.  He will listen to me more than he will a caretaker.  Today a caretaker tried to change his diaper and he got upset.  I told him “it’s ok dad, she is going to help you” and he calmed down.  I walked into the bathroom with him to put him at ease and the caretaker expertly took off his depends and put a new one on with his pants around his ankles the whole time while he was standing.  That was pretty good.  She slipped it around his shoe and then up the pant legs and then did the pant leg first and then looped it around the shoe and then pulled them up.  We try to go quickly to make it as easy on him as possible.  

Today was my parents wedding anniversary but I didn’t get a good photo of them.  My mom took him to Target with her and then Benton House put flowers on the table and made a nice lunch for their wedding anniversary.  My mom is hilarious.  When you walk into this place, people are quiet and looking around a lot.  There is some conversation but I’m sure that runs dry after you see the same people day on end.  My mom makes announcements offering Italian Icee’s for everyone.  She bought two boxes at the store.  She starts passing them out and the caretaker has to help her as some patients are diabetic and can’t have it.  River my son was all giggles in the home.  Everyone is watching him and I think he enjoys the attention.  He was sitting on bouncy balls and throwing them back and forth to me.  We were laughing and playing.  He comes by me and I kiss him everywhere and say “Why are you so yummy?”  He has this crazy soprano scream so I have to be careful that he’s not too loud.  One of the caretakers says she just loves his laugh. 

My dad walks and walks and walks circles around the place.  He is restless and it is almost impossible to get him to sit down.  He tries to open all the doors to the place and goes in other people’s rooms.  What is he looking for and why can’t he sit down?  Why does he like to move so much?  Alzheimer’s Disease is the worst if you ask me.  The level of care that he needs is a lot.  He’s still in there and looks semi-healthy but his brain is gone.  My mom and I both know that moves into a new facility are difficult so we visit everyday to help put him at ease.  My mom took two trips today, all morning and the evening to help my dad adjust.  

She really loves him and I can only imagine how hard it is for her to lose her best friend and husband.  One of the things that she says is the most difficult is sleeping alone.  Up until 5 months ago she slept next to him for 48 years.  That’s a big change.  Last night my 2 kids slept with her but she said River somehow ended up with his feet in her face.  I just laugh because I’ve been there.  I co-slept with my babies.  My mom loves the babies but they are getting big and they like to sleep horizontal, upside down, diagonal, like a star and any other position that somehow wakes you up.  Bottom line, I can’t sleep next to them as cute as they are.  My little girl begs me to sleep with her and sometimes I will lay with them and as soon as they fall asleep, I stealth like slither off the bed and into my own room.  My mom enjoys sleeping with them and kept saying how happy she was that they were sleeping with her.  The day before yesterday my mom slept a full 5 hours and woke for a bit and then slept 5 more hours.  She was totally relaxed and hasn’t slept like that since she moved in with me in January.  She is awake in the middle of the night often.  I think she was relaxed to know my dad is in good hands.  Overall the decision to move my dad to Clermont just feels right.  I hope it goes well.  Peace out my friends.  Much love to you all.