I wake up today, meditate on the back lanai facing the trees.  No one is home.  This is my favorite time of the day.  Peace.  I run to teach Hot 26 Bikram yoga and then take Jenny’s Soulful Sunday yoga class.  I pull the “Acceptance” affirmation and listen to Jenny’s inspirational teachings.  She’s absolutely amazing.  She asks what makes your soul happy and I talked about how I pulled the Acceptance affirmation.  This one is powerful for me because I always felt like I was different from so many people.  When I was younger I remember saying how I wanted to be “normal” so bad.  I wanted people to like me and I felt like my different was what pushed people away.  Letting go of the resistance to be normal and be my different weird self is liberating.  What’s different about us is what makes life interesting and decorated.  Think about how boring the world would be if we were all the same.  I invite you to celebrate your uniqueness.  I invite you to fully accept yourself.  I invite you to throw shame, insecurity, self consciousness out.  I invite you to stop trying to be normal.  Why not just be your beautiful self?  The less you judge others, the less you will judge yourself and come into the fullest expression of your authentic self.  Explore life to discover your uniqueness.  Test things out.  Question everything.  Find things our for yourself.  Most importantly, relax and have some fun.  Life is about celebrating our differences.  I personally love your freak flag so fly it high and with pride.  Your differences make life colorful.  Peace out beautiful people!  Much love to you all!