Guns Scared Me!

Hello everyone!  Let’s face it, guns scared me!  When I was young, about 12, my dad took me hunting.  He gave me a rifle to use and we took our hunting dogs out to the Wisconsin wintery fields to hunt pheasants.  When our dog scared the bird into the sky, I was standing behind my dad.  I shot the rifle before and there was such a strong kickback that I was scared that I would accidentally shoot my dad, so I never pulled the trigger.  He shot the peasant.  Afterwards we tried shooting clay disks and the gun really hurt my armpit as it kicked back.  Another time, my older brother had a pellet rifle in our finished basement in Schaumburg.  He used to shoot into a target that had a catch behind it.  I picked it up and aimed it at the bathroom mirror and pulled the trigger and it shattered the mirror.  OMG, I didn’t know it was loaded!!!  I was around the same age.  That really scared me and I didn’t shoot a gun since until now.  


Facing Fears

I have a friend who I am encouraging to be healthy.  He has made a lot of lifestyle changes and he has put himself outside of his comfort zone in order to make changes.  I’m really proud of him as he is facing his fears.  I told him how my son is really into Halo video games and how my son likes guns because he says they save people.  I said that I like that he’s into video games but I wish it wasn’t so violent and I was scared of guns.  When he found out that I was scared of guns then he said he would take me out shooting.  Everyone should know how to shoot a gun he says, because you never know.  Not only that, guns are dangerous if you don’t know anything about them.  Learning about them and educating yourself is much safer.  I resist but I tell him ok because I see his point.  If he is going to face his fears then so can I.  Waaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!  I also think, I have a son, maybe I should learn something about what he likes.


Police Range

He knows a retired police chief and we go out to the police range in Ocoee, FL.  We have to drive down a sandy road to get to the bunker.  There are targets lined up and a big sand hill behind it.  I shot a Ruger 22/45 mark III .22 Caliber pistol with a suppressor from SWR (spector model) on it so it was really quiet.  I pulled the trigger and looked at the target and couldn’t see a bullet hole anywhere.  It’s really hard to make an adjustment when you can’t see where it landed!  I completely missed but I thought I was aiming right at it!  We were about 15′ back.  His police chief friend proceeded to ask me which eye am I using as I aim, the right eye, the left eye or both?  Wow, when I played with this then the target seemed to move.  Sometimes I used my right eye, then the left and then I would go cross eye.  I shot again and I hit the paper but not the target, there is a person and a bulls eye on his chest.  I hit the white part of the paper.  There are about 10 bullets in the gun and I shoot them all.  None of them hit the person, all hit high on the paper to the left.  What the heck!?  How is that possible?  I’m aiming right at the target and still missing!  This frustrates me because I like to be good at things.  There’s some skill to this.  We walk closer to approximately 7 feet.  Yay, I am consistently hitting the target but but I’m still high and left of the targets neck.  I make super subtle adjustments pointing the barrel of the gun down a little and I hit the bulls eye target!  Finally!  This is fun!  I always love a challenge:) 


Learning to Aim

I learn how to load the gun.  There is a knob on a spring that I have to pull down as I diagonally insert the bullets.  That knob is hard to pull down.  I think about if I was really in a combat situation, how long it would take me to load my gun.  Right now it’s taking forever so I probably wouldn’t last long.  When I put the chamber in the gun I have to wiggle it a little to get it lined up right.  I’m not smooth about it but I learn.  Then I pull this button down and it releases the back of the gun.  I hold the gun in my right hand while my left hand cups underneath the gun.  I stay at 7″ so I can get more consistent.  I play my eyes as I aim,  right eye, left eye, both eyes.  It seems simple but it’s not.  The police chief and my friend tell me to get consistent up close and then slowly move back.  I shoot for about 3 or 4 more rounds.  By the time that I got to the 4th round, I was hitting the bulls eye target consistently.  We don’t have much time.  The police chief demonstrated shooting a can with a gun without the suppresser.  It’s way louder and the can bursts open.  I’m glad I had ear muffs!  They have V8 cans, soup cans, etc to shoot so create and explosion effect.  Yucky!


Suppressor of the Gun

I ask my friend, if I really was a bad guy then why would I ever shoot a gun without a suppressor.  The suppressor is the barrel on the tip of the gun that muzzles the noise of the shot.  It sounds like a pellet riffle when shooting.  I would want to be stealth like if I wanted to get away with something.  He said there is an 8 month wait period after you apply for the suppressor.  It costs like $700-$800 dollars and then you have to have another machine to thread it on the barrel of the gun.  It has to be put on straight or the bullet can hit the wall of the suppressor.  He says he has another friend who is a machinist who builds all these custom guns for people and loves it.  Wow, I avoided that whole world for so long that I didn’t even know a profession like this existed but obviously it does.  I went out with someone who was carrying a gun and I accidentally felt it and stopped seeing him because on of it.  That’s how much guns kinda freaked me out.  In the past I was an actress and I wanted to learn about guns simply so I could get cast in different roles.  I was willing to face my fears for that but never did, until now:) . Thank you Gary for pushing me outside of my comfort zone and getting over my fear of guns.  There is a lot of skill to shooting !  Learning how to use a gun can avoid accidents.  Peace, love and light to you all.  Be safe!