I don’t like going to the doctor.  I avoid it at all costs unless I have done everything else to remedy the situation first.  I pulled my hamstring from doing the splits last fall in yoga, about 5 or 6 months ago.  My right splits are more open and in efforts to be more flexible on my left side I pulled the muscle.  I also I pulled my sacroiliac joint out of the socket because the tension from my pulled hamstring was pulling the joint down.  That’s a lot of pulling!  I tried stretching, taking time off, different exercises to heal the pain that I was feeling but nothing was helping.  My pulled hamstring has healed.  However the joint was still out of the socket and it was pinching my si nerve.   When I do certain things like forward folds, I would feel pain.  The pain was mild but nagging and chronic.  I could still do my yoga classes while being careful.  My yoga teacher and friend Gina Keefe said that she had nagging pain in her foot after a surgery and she had a chiropractic adjustment and the pain was gone.  I was impressed after hearing this and told her about my issue.  She gave me a referral to see Dr Peter Brockman and I was off.

I go to the chiropractor and I tell him about the injury.  He puts me face down on the table to measure my legs and sure enough, one is slightly longer than the other.  He turns me to my side in the fetal position, puts one hand on my shoulder and the other on my hip and literally pushes up really hard.  The adjustment seemed almost violent!  I heard some bones crack and the issue is fixed!  I’ll know for sure after a few days.  I’m scared to try anything too crazy right now because I don’t want to pop it out of the socket again.  What the heck!  I’ve been suffering for like six months because of my stubborn resistance to go see a chiropractor.  If this works then I’m super impressed.  It literally took the chiropractor about 5 to 10 seconds to do the adjustment and problem solved.  1 appointment later, pain free, problem solved.  I am thankful we have doctors and I am humbled as I learn something new.  If you have been chronically suffering with any kind of injury then I recommend going to a chiropractor to have it checked out.  Dr. Pete Brockman in Clermont was awesome.  It might be a quick fix.  Do you have any chiropractic experiences that you want to share?  Please do!  Good Luck and much love!