Love Yourself

Hello my lovelies, I’ve missed you all.  I’ve been busy finishing my home sanctuary project and researching business stuff.  I want to create more structure to my business and launch a membership site.  Honestly it seems overwhelming but we’ll see what comes.  My goal is to help people heal themselves.  After doing a lot of bodywork, I realize how everyone is suffering from some kind of pain.  Sometimes this pain is physical aches and other times this pain is emotional.  I work in a yoga studio that is kind of conservative in its clothing choices often wearing long pants and full shirts.  I teach some of my hot classes in booty shorts and a little sports bra.  Let’s just say I stick out a little.  It’s not because I think that I have the most perfect body or to show off but because I don’t believe in body shaming and I think the human body is beautiful, flaws and all.  It is also more comfortable in a hot yoga class to wear less.  You are cooler, there is less laundry and you dry off faster so you have a more comfortable drive home instead of driving home drenched in sweat.  I have completely accepted the body that I’ve been given but I didn’t always feel this way.  There is an incredible amount of body shaming out there where people are literally not comfortable in their own skin.  They are hating this flaw or that flaw and they cover up to hide whatever it is that they don’t like about themselves.  I’m here to say this in crap.  Love yourself.  If you are not happy with how your body looks then eat right and exercise consistently AND then love whatever the result is.  


You are Not Your Body

Remember that you are not your body. You can get many of your body parts cut off or replaced and you are still in there.  Our bodies exist only so our soul can move around in the world and evolve in earth school.  It is our vehicle to explore the world.  Take good care of it, it’s never too late to start and then love it.  One way that I got over my body shaming issues was to go to a nudist resort.  That’s right baby, get naked in public.  For me it was the ultimate body acceptance thing that I have ever done.  I have scars and flaws and yes I’m guilty of wanting to hide my imperfections.  When you are naked then you are hiding from nothing.  Trying to relax and meet and talk with people in a nudist resort naked is hilarious in a way.  It’s super unconventional but so liberating.  When everyone is naked, you get to see people’s scars, wounds and things that might make someone insecure.  When I went to a local nudist resort near me called Cypress Cove, I had an enormous amount of compassion looking at everyone.  People there were fearless, open and completely accepting of their bodies.  Many people didn’t have the most ideal bodies but I admired their acceptance of themselves and their courage to show it off, imperfections and all.  I would look around and see, wow, this woman had breast cancer and a mastectomy, that guy had a surgery and these guys are not ashamed of themselves.  


Cypress Cove

I’ll never forget the first time that I went to Cypress Cove.  I thought I was going to die.  I sat in the car a long time before I got out naked.  Ahhhhhhhhh!  I finally muster up the courage and go for it.  I walk over to the pool area and of course you think everyone is staring at you.  OMG!  Run back to the car, I think.  Then I think, walk don’t run naked, lol.  Then I think, fuck it.  As I find a lounge chair by the packed pool I try to relax.  I go in the pool and I can see a woman had a reduction.  I want to connect with people to ask them about their experiences and she tells me that a nudist resort healed her social anxiety.  She used to have it super bad.  Then she would go to the resorts and when people have their cloths off everyone is even.  Cloths often show people their status in life and then people treat each other differently accordingly.  When everyone has their cloths off then you can’t see someone’s status and you get to see their ouchies.  She learned to connect with people in an authentic way and then was able to carry that over into her everyday life.  I was impressed because I honestly thought this place was going to be some kind of perverted orgy but it wasn’t at all.  It was simply people who wanted to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment with other like minded people.  


Removing Body Shaming

Another way to get over your body shaming issues is to get naked in nature alone or simply walk around our house naked.  Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror.  It’s also cool to see progress as you get into shape.  Love wherever you are at and enjoy the journey.  You are beautiful.  If you want other people to love you then learn to love yourself unconditionally.  Lose the judge inside of you.  You’ll notice that the less that you judge other people, the less that you will judge yourself.  This may sound like a crazy way to heal your body image issues but it’s not.  I was super modest growing up and I never wanted anyone to see me naked.  This was hard for me to get over.  The funny thing was that I was the most insecure when I was young and beautiful.  I’m much older now with more scars and flaws and I have more confidence than I did when I was young.  You don’t have to get in front of people, you can also get naked alone but the point is to love your body.  Touch yourself everywhere and say, “thank you God for giving me this amazing body”.  Now go get naked, lol!  And tell me all about it because I want to hear your stories!  I’m all about running to your fears to get over them.  I want to create a fearless life and for me, this was one of them.  Sending you all much peace, love and body acceptance.  You are beautiful!