Currently my house is under construction for remodeling.  I am normally a very frugal person who doesn’t spend much money on myself.  At one point, I almost sold my house because there was so much work to be done to it.  My mom needed help and moved in and that was how I made the decision to upgrade my house.  With my mom there, I wanted it nice.  She was going through a lot being separated from her husband who is in an assisted care facility.  I had the original kitchen and bath in my house from the early 90’s.  It wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t that beautiful serene environment that made me happy to come home to.  My mom is at the house full time and I have 2 children who spend a lot of time at the house.  I also do a lot of work out of my house.  The choice to invest into my house seemed like a no brainer.  Moving cost money and the housing market is at a high point.  It would cost me a lot to move and I would have to spend a lot to get what I wanted.  I saw a lot of places and the taxes were also a lot higher.  I decided with the decline of my parents health, that I needed to stay put.  It was too much stress for me to deal with their illness, raise two kids, work and move.  

I had a friend come to my house who is a designer, Silvana.  Asking her to come visit was the best decision ever.  I have fixed up the house a lot already and in the process, some things turned out great and I also made mistakes.  I wanted to avoid anymore costly mistakes.  She walked in the house and immediately was eyeing things up and down saying “um hum”.  When you walked into my house before, you walked into a cheap white tile foyer.  Then if you looked left and right, those two rooms were forest green carpet, yucky!  It you looked straight ahead you can see where I took out the maroon red carpet and put vinyl wood flooring down.  I loved this vinyl flooring but in Florida, it would be better to put tile.  In the kids bedroom I had tan carpet.  My bedroom, the same ugly forest green.  In the kitchen there was more cheap white tile.  I honestly hated it.  I wasn’t sure how to fix it or what to do.  Silvana’s first suggestion was to not break up the flooring.  She said I should do the same flooring throughout the whole first floor and choose a light color to make the smaller rooms look bigger.  I followed her advice and all I can say is WOW!  It is amazing what flooring can do for the look of your house.  This will also be helpful for my mom with a walker as there won’t be any transitions.  I’m also adding in grab bars in the bathroom for her.

Silvana said that nothing goes in the house.  She said when I walk in from the outside it was very warm light tan and then when you walked inside the rooms were a very rich terra cotta color.  If you kept walking then I switched to cool colors with light blue.  The rest of the house had cool colors and the lanai switched back to the warm light tan.  She recommended to keep the theme of the house the same.  If I wanted cool colors then keep cool colors throughout.  I changed the terra cotta walls in the front rooms to a very light gray and a slightly darker gray to match the floors and to make the rooms look bigger.  I changed the living room and kitchen to a white wash color with a light gray accent wall.  White wash looks better with gray than off white she says.  My bathroom and kitchen have been gutted and should be installed within the next few weeks.  I have white cabinets, stainless appliances and a soft gray quartz counter with subtle sparkles being installed.  I can’t wait for the sparkles!  Sparkles brings me joy!

New wall colors, new flooring, new kitchens and bathrooms are THE BEST!  I spent so much time calling plumbers over the past few years to come over to fix leaks.  I had electricians to the house.  I hired carpet cleaners,  I painted the house myself 2 times and still somehow couldn’t get it right.  My friend Silvana said, spend the money.  The house is the most important thing.  It’s where you live and it should be a calm, serene sanctuary that you look forward to coming home to.  “It will change everything for you”, she says.  “Your moods will be happier, your productivity will be more and it will feel good.”  Right now everything is still a mess but I am bursting with excitement as I see one thing put back to place at a time.  Honestly, I hired a good contractor if you ask me.  I got lucky and so far I’m having a very positive experience.  There is someone at the house everyday working.  The whole project will finish faster than expected and overall, I’m thrilled!  I’m finally creating this amazing beautiful place to live in that I’ve always wanted. 

I love the light colors.  Silvana says, keep it simple.  Do only two tones, with light colors.  Then you can always add accent pieces with color if I want.  Keep the calm simple two tone look.  I love the windows that overlook all the trees in the backyard.  She says to get simple wood furniture to bring the outside inside the house.  Don’t buy bulky couches with big arm rests.  Buy furniture with simple lines and furniture that isn’t so big as it uses up so much space.  I’m already planning on swapping out my king bed for a queen and bringing in smaller furniture.  I also swapped out the ceiling fans and light fixtures so that everything matches the theme of the house.  It’s going to be great!  Step by step, it’s coming together.  There is a lot of stress in my life right now dealing with two aging parents and two small children however, I’m glad that I’m doing something for myself!  This brings me joy and this is what is balancing the chaos.

If you have ever wanted to improve your house but you are on the fence then all I can say is, do it!  You are worth it.  Silvana was right, it has changed my moods.  I feel grounded like I can grow strong roots and enjoy a beautiful creative space.   I can’t wait to show you the final product.  Sending you lots of love and light!  Besos!  

P.S.  If you also want a consultation from my friend Silvana, then it’s worth it!  Here is her website with contact information: .  She tells me, “You see how important it is to LOVE where you live.  To me it’s an important base for a joyful life.  It’s where your inspiration starts!”  Thank you Silvana, love you very much plus I’m inspired!

Also, my contractor Carlos Jimenez, from Fix Plus has been doing a great job!  I will post some more photos soon and you can see for yourself:)