This morning I wake up and I somehow manage to get un-cooperating kids to school.  I let them take a week off while they were sick with the flu and they had another week of rest with Spring Break.  Needless to say, I try to get them to bed early and struggle.  I get them in bed with the lights off and I hear them get up to go pee, then they want a snack, then they are ready to sleep but they need their stuffed animals.  Meanwhile, I’m still sick and coughing my head off, begging them to sleep.  I have to threaten spanking because nothing is working.  I lay in bed coughing and I have to tell them no talking like a million times.  As I say this, I also listen.  They are giggling, laughing and filled with joy.  This is when a mom’s job is tough because I love their happiness and I don’t want to stop it but at the same time they need to go back to school.  I need time alone to concentrate and work, plus I really need to rest so that I can get over this sickness faster.  Finally they sleep, they are like angels in bed and they are the most beautiful things that I have ever seen.  Now I feel guilty for yelling at them to sleep.

I get them up and my son cries the whole way to school and refuses to get dressed.  I know he’s not really upset, he is just playing mommy because I’m a damn softy.  I don’t like being the softy!  Anyway, I manage to get him into the school and he is fine.  Then I race home to get my daughter, thank god my mom is there or it would be really difficult to get them both up so early at the same time.  She isn’t so difficult but she is slow.  I drop her off and go home.  OMG, quiet bliss!!!!!!!!  I’m in heaven, I can get done what I need to do.  I see some benefits to home schooling but as a single mom, it’s just not going to happen.  I still have to try to work and they are on youtube all day.  I honestly think they are better off in school with other kids right now.

I read all about disease and Natural Hygiene all over again.  I forgot so much.  After I got parasites I opt’ed to take antibiotics to kill the parasites instead of doing a longer fast.  Honestly I just didn’t want to fast, it’s challenging and I didn’t want to take the time off.  Well, I take the antibiotics and then get sick for almost 3 weeks and have to take the time off anyway.  Waaaaahhhhh!  It’s the sickest I’ve been in approximately 10 years.  I had/have a nasty cough that is relentless.  As I’m reading all about disease, the biggest thing I keep reading is fasting and how I would get better 2 to 3 times faster than when eating.  I did have a smoothie in the morning but then as I’m reading, I decide to go back to my roots with Natural Hygiene and fast the rest of the day.  I continue to cough, blow my nose and a lot of mucus comes out.  I cough up mucus.  According to Natural Hygiene this is just my bodies preferred way to get rid of toxins.  Mucus encapsulates toxins to export them out of the body.  Disease is really an eliminative process.  The body creates a crisis in response to a body’s need to free itself of toxic matters and repair damages.  Consequently, the body withdraws energy from normal body activities and redirects them to the healing crisis.  When you stop digesting food that nerve energy is redirected to the parts of the body that need healing.  Nothing but the body heals the body.  So get out of the way, re-establish conditions of health and stop polluting.

I go outside to meditate after 4 hours of reading because I read so much that it’s not sinking in anymore without a break.  I drink a ton of water and turn away from the sun but still in the sun.  I close my eyes and bliss out.  My nagging cough is really getting to me, especially as I lay back.  I hear someone cutting the bushes in the distance and they finally stop.  Nothing sounds better than nature.  I hear a lot of birds fly by.  I wish I knew how they all sounded so that I could recognize their song.  They are beautiful.  The cough gets worse so I lay in the fetal position to try to get relief.  I cough and cough and cough and then I cough up a piece of undigested corn!  What the heck!  I think that it got caught in my sinuses when I was coughing and eating at the same time and somehow inhaled it into my sinus cavity.  I can’t help but to feel like the fact that this happens when I’m in silence and coughing and finally going back to my root beliefs with Natural Hygiene that this is God telling me to get back on track.  Don’t loose sight of Natural Hygiene.  When you are sick fast.  Even if you do a couple short fasts, intermittent fasting or fasting one day a week.  And rest!

I consider myself a pretty advanced yogi and I hate taking time off to rest.  In order to heal the fastest, Natural Hygiene recommends resting so that all nerve energy is focused on healing the body.  I have a hard time with the rest part but after being sick for so long, I finally submit.  I take 3 days off here, 2 days off there and rest as much as I can.  I even took a 30 minute nap today which I never do.  The combination of the sun, resting, fresh air, clean distilled water and fasting helped be cough up that piece of corn right away.  I do feel better but the post nasal drip is still there.  I’m dying to workout as I skipped yesterday but there is a part of me that is saying, stick to your roots with Natural Hygiene and rest and recover faster.  Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!   I really mean it, waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!  Most people would love this idea, but not me. 

I really love athletics so much.  I love what I’ve been able to do with my body.  I love that I have a few other teachers in my yoga teacher training who are 10 years older than me and kicking my ass at 50 plus!  It really makes me think that we haven’t even begun to tap into our potential.  As I’m meditating I have visions of being a professional athlete.  Is this crazy?  Do you ever have those fantasies of being a super star of some kind.  I do.  I believe it.  I believe it because when I was super unfocused and not training properly I was still pretty good in the past when I was doing triathalons, running, dancing, aerobics, actually almost all the sports that I tried.  Somehow that athletic gene is in me.  I wonder what would happen now that I am super clear minded, clean and undistracted.  Believe me, I was distracted so much in the past.  I still am to some extent but not as much as I have been in the past.  I’ve had some people ask me if I would do a duathlon or say that I can travel around the world with one sport.  My yoga teacher talks about how we can do yoga until our 90’s.  These seeds have got me wondering.  I am reminded of my acting improv days and remember one of the most important rules when on stage.  “Yes, And…”  Why not say, yes and… and see what happens?  The sky is the limit and we are the biggest blocks in our own way.  What happens if we get out of the way and believe?  I’m starting to believe.  I hope you do too.  From my heart to yours, kick some ass in this world, however you are blessed.  The world needs your inspiration.  You are capable of so much.  I also believe in you, besos!