The best way to be consistent with your exercise is to find an activity that you enjoy.  If you have joy and play when you exercise then it will be easy to sustain.  I used to be in a professional dance company in my teens and I used to dance everyday at school instead of gym.  I discovered yoga and I love trying new yoga postures.  If I fall then I laugh at myself and try again.  This simply means that I am learning something new and that I am growing.  I don’t take it too seriously but I am committed to it as I have been committed to some form of exercise for a large chunk of my adult life.  I like that there is an endless amount to learn in yoga.  You never actually get “there” because there is always more.  This keeps my exercise interesting as there is always growth.

I can’t stress the importance of consistency with exercise.  Strength is built over time a little by a little.  You don’t have to work out for hours and hours everyday but I do recommend being smart and consistent with your workouts.  If you are new to exercise then start slowly to prevent injuries and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts over time.  I used to work out for over two hours a day before I made dietary changes but I was still a little chubby despite my hard work.  I made the changes in my diet to a high raw, low fat whole food plant based diet and I saw that I had more energy for better workouts and faster recovery.  

I used to run everyday and I was bad about stretching.  Over time I developed severe plantar fasciitis.  I would get severe pain in my feet especially in the morning.  I could barely walk, ouch!  I switch to yoga, yin yoga and TRX and healed my plantar’s feet.  Yoga has progressions and can get very hard fast.  I used to discard it because I was a workout snob and I didn’t think that I could burn as many calories as I could running.  My yoga workouts are very intense and overall the number of calories from one sport to the other are comparable.  For me I saw that I could have a longer sustaining athletic career as a yogi especially as I age verses a runner with better overall conditioning of my whole body.  Now, if you are an avid runner, I’m not saying stop by any means.  If you love it then keep doing it.  Maybe you would like to add yoga into your routine to prevent injury and for muscle length.  It really helped me tremendously.  The thing that I like most about yoga is that it is exercise that is therapeutic for your body.  It is designed to heal the body through yoga postures to stretch the fascia tissue in the body, to strengthen the muscles and to create healthy joints.  I do yoga or TRX approximately 5 to 6 days a week.  

Over the course of my exercise career I have done step aerobics, cardio-kick boxing, weights, cycling, running and calisthenics.  I used to play volleyball, softball, snowboarding, golf, surfing and I was an avid dancer in my youth.  I received an incredible benefit from all of these activities and I really love moving.  It takes time to get in shape but it is not so hard to maintain it.  The joy that I feel from being able to move my body pain free is wonderful and something that I hope to share with you all.  I am 43 and I can move and push myself when I used to think that as you aged that your body somehow gives out on you.  Age might slow you down but you will be surprised by what the body can do even in your older years.

I personally dedicate about 45-75 minutes a day exercising.  Yes life gets busy and I will miss a day here and there but if I can get my exercise in then I will.  I have made this commitment to myself.  I feel very strongly that my daily exercise along with eating healthy is like putting money into my health bank.  It is my natural anti-depressant and mood lifter.  I like to ride my edge when I exercise so I can grow.  I don’t push myself too far to avoid getting injured and if I do then I know to back off and slow down.  The longevity of your exercise career is what matters most.  If you don’t exercise already then start.  It is a critical component to your overall health and it will be one of the best investments you ever made.  I wish you much joy and happiness as you move your body!