Health Through Fruit Author

Read this sensational eBook!  Learn Amy’s journey to health through the steep Andes Mountains of Ecuador.  She successfully healed her chronic sinusitis, eczema and her ex-husband’s Lyme Disease.  Nothing is better than true health!

Travel Through Magical Lands to Discover Heath Through Fruit

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This book is my personal journey to rapid weight loss and disease reversal through eating fruit. I experimented with many different diets and nothing had the healing benefits that fruit had. I love the simplicity of fruit because it is natures fast food. There is minimal prep and minimal cleanup. I sold all my belongings when my daughter was 9 months old to help my husband heal his Lyme Disease and my Eczema and Sinusitis deep in the mountains of southern Ecuador. The journey that I went on changed my life forever. Now my health is thriving and my yoga practice has taken off. I’m so grateful for all the treasures that I learned and I can’t wait to share them with you. Much love and light to you all, beautiful people!

Here Are The Chapters

  • Discovery of Self Healing
  • An Invitation to Health – How a Journey to Ecuador Changed My Life
  • Disease Free Health is Normal & Natural – It is Your Birthright
  • Humans and Fruit
  • Food Combining
  • Why Acidic Foods are Harmful?
  • Take Command of Your Health
  • Walk Away From Animal Products and Don’t Look Back
  • Raw or Cooked?
  • Exercise – Consistency is Key
  • Fasting – My Experience with Water Only Fasting
  • Dealing with Addictions
  • Plant Based is Good for Your Health, the Animals and the Planet
  • Goodbye Beautiful People
  • Conclusion
  • Much, much more!

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