Hello beautiful people,

It’s getting close to the end.  I sit outside around 1pm on my back lanai and gaze out at the trees and nature.  I love this view.  I close my eyes, breath in the fresh chilly air and I’m off.

I hear a chainsaw in the distance.  I think about borrowing this chainsaw and trimming a lot of the trees in my yard.  I start to envision myself like a professional tree cutter and I can’t help but to peek my eyes open and look around for all the skinny little branches that I would cut.  There is an oak tree next to the side of my house that is starting to get very close to my house.  I had the pest control guy at my house and we set tons of traps everywhere and caught nothing.  I hear the noises in my walls still.  We think that it’s possible that a squirrel got into the roof and the noises in the wall are baby squirrels not rats and they are trapped in my walls somehow.  I have to cut the wall open to get them out.  I told the pest guy let’s schedule this asap.  He already sealed all the holes around my roof.  I would cut the branches down that are getting close to my house to avoid this problem in the future.

My left hamstring is sore.  I pulled it a couple weeks ago doing the splits and it hasn’t fully recovered.  When I hurt my SI joint, stretching helped it a lot and now it’s completely recovered.  When I stretch my left hamstring then it seems to aggravate it.  I did a 90 minute yoga flow this morning and maybe that’s why it hurts.  I’m going to have to back off of this leg and let it rest.  It aches as I sit in my meditation seat.  I hate getting sore and having to miss any yoga.  I’m progressing so much and I want to keep going.  Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.  Bummer.

I took pills for the parasites, yay!  I don’t know if they are gone but I think so.  We will see.  Having to take pills for this kind of rocks my whole Natural Hygiene belief that Nothing Heals the Body but the Body, except pills when you have a parasite.  I wonder what other exceptions there may be.  Natural Hygiene is also anti garlic.  A parasite came out after eating garlic and garlic is anti-parasitical.  So does that mean no garlic unless you have a parasite.  All these exceptions make me question my attachment to natural hygiene.  I feel like there is a lot of research that can be done here to evolve the field of Natural Hygiene more.

I think about selling my house and packing all my stuff up.  What a pain, I think.  It is so much work to move but it is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time now.  Now is the time to make the move and make some serious changes in my life for the better.  I’m scared but I move forward despite these fears.  I’ve got this.  I believe in myself now in a way that I never have before.  I’m on the right track and I notice this shift in my energy.  I feel empowered and stronger.  I’m less and less affected by outside influences and living my life the best that I know how.  Overall, I am very lucky.  I am doing something that I truly love.  I have two beautiful kids who are driving me to be a better person and their supportive dad.  Life is good.  I feel light.  I feel joy.  

I’m so thankful that my dear friends took my little boy to Disney today.  They are like an Uncle to him as his real Uncles live far away.  I saw a picture of him on the merry go round and he looked so happy.  My little girl is in school and is growing up fast.  I told her that if she can make 7 days of no peeing in her bed then she can open a Christmas present early.  She did it!  Just like that.  This has been an on-going problem and a little bribery has solved the problem.  I told her that if she makes five more days then she can open another one.  She is so proud of herself and I tell her, “wow, you are getting big!”  she puffs out her chest, giggles with pride.  I am proud of her.  

The buzzer goes off and I open my eyes.  I run inside and grab socks for my feet.  Burr!  I have a 90 minute private lesson today and I teach yoga tonight.  I can’t wait to see my students.  I put a lot into my classes in efforts to deliver something really wonderful for them.  I hope they enjoy my classes:) . Now time to choreograph:) . Goodbye beautiful people.