Hello my lovelies,

Today I wake up at 7:30am and go out on my back lanai, curl up in a blanket to stay warm in the chilly Florida winter, cross my legs and get comfortable.  I look out at my view and think that I’m truly blessed to live where I do.  It’s a modest 3 bedroom 2 bath house but it’s perfect.  It’s on an oversized yard, almost an acre and I have it decorated just the way I like it and the back of the house is all windows overlooking trees and nature.  I see so many squirrels spiraling up the trees, chasing each other and playing games.  They run on the screen of my pool house and I think, how can I keep them off of there so they don’t destroy my screen.  I breathe and relax and close my eyes.  

My mind wonders, I am selling my house and I think of which things to keep and which things to sell.  Even though I love my house, I want to be closer into the city so I can reach a larger group of cliental.  It has been a great four years.  The funny thing is that I finally have the house close to the way that I like it and now I’m selling it.  I hardly got to enjoy all the upgrades that I added.  Doesn’t life always seem to work that way, we work so hard to achieve something and once we achieve it we want something else?  I breathe in the cool air and listen to the squirrels chirp.  I feel nostalgic.  I might be really sad leaving this house.  I put a lot of energy into it, painting the inside and outside, installing tile, painting and removing shelves from the garage, swapping out light fixtures and shutters and installing wood floors, new air conditioner, new hot water heater and new screens for the garage.  I always wanted a beautiful place to live.  Now that I live in this house alone it feels too big, too much to maintain.  I can honestly say that the house is owning me at this point.  It’s a lot of work to take care of a house, two kids and work alone.  These are busy years for me.  

I always liked to write, mostly emails and pen pal type relationships.  It’s only now that I write a blog for everyone to see.  I never thought I was skilled enough to write.  It’s funny how we put limitations on ourselves.  I’m really enjoying this blog.  Somehow putting myself out there in a very real way feels good.  I’m surprised by who has commented on enjoying it and I feel excited.  Maybe I should be a writer?  I don’t know but I’ll keep writing and see where it takes me.  

I keep meeting people who go to Pagen festivals, call themselves witches or wizards and I’ve had visions of magic.  I also have been reading angel cards and looking at all sorts of mystical things.  Maybe it’s a sign.  Maybe I need to write about magic.  How can I tap into that inner child of mine and create an imaginary world?  It’s so fun to think about.  

Anyway, I also think about the different relationships in my life.  I think about the things I like and don’t like about them.  Maybe this is my inner judge.  Either way, it’s been fun.

30 minutes and my timer goes off.  Until next time.