Today I wake up early at 6:30am.  I sit on my couch on my lanai and look out at my view of nature.  I’m so blessed to have an amazing backyard with lots of trees, a garden and a retention pond to buffer the space between neighbors.  My house is in a sub-division but it feels like I’m out in nature as podacarpus bushes line one side of the property, there is a forest in front of the property and the backyard is all trees and a retention pond with lots of nature.  I can hear the birds chirping and there is a rustle in the trees and grass.  Life is all around me and I love it.  The weather in Florida is slightly chilly in the morning and I wrap myself up in a blanket and close my eyes.  I breath in the cool fresh air and listen to the outdoors.  I sit upright on the couch with my feet touching the ground.  I’m hoping that I’ll be more comfortable in this position without my leg falling asleep. 

I think of all the things I have to do during the day.  Clean the house for a showing, teach yoga at 9 and at 5, stop by the farmer’s market, clean, take kids to the park and do some office work.  Planning definitely is a part of my thoughts.  I like things orderly and organized that way I can get the most out of my day.  I think of all the different ways that I can market and grow my business.  Different creative thoughts sneak into my mind.  I think about workshops, retreats, photos, videos and making voice-overs.  I have so much to do that stopping is difficult for me.  I also think about all the things that I need to do to sell my house.  Should I sell all my furniture and start over or should I sell only the stuff I don’t need to downsize?  How can I simplify my life?  Is it a bigger pain to move and store my stuff for some time until I buy a new place?  Or is it better to sell it and buy new when I’m settled?  There’s so many big girl decisions to be made and honestly, I don’t want to do it.  I want to be like a child again and have someone else decide for me.  What if I make the wrong choice?  Ugh.  I love my house but I feel lonely at it.  It’s on the south west edge of Clermont, FL and seems far from everything.  It’s almost in the country.  I gain nature but it’s not so fun to enjoy all the beauty with noone to share it with and I like to go out but I don’t as much because of the distance.  

I have a desire to be around like minded people so we can co-create and find synergy.  I have a lot of skills.  How can I use them to serve better?  I know everyone would benefit from all the healing modalities that I have to offer.  How can I share them?  I want to reach out to people to create an open community for everyone to share, socialize, learn and grow.  I learn so much from relationships and I really love people so much.  It’s part of the reason why I share my life with everyone.  I want to invite you in and get to know you.  I love their stories about the ups and downs of their lives.  We all live so differently.  There’s lots of options.  How do you choose to create the happiest life possible? 

My back hurts a little as I meditate.  I sit up taller.  The phone rings and I turn it off, 5 minutes to go.  I think about pratyahara, or sense deprivation.  It’s the removal of the five senses during meditation to stay focused.  The distractions are a part of my work in meditation and I’m challenged but starting to learn.  The alarm rings, time is up.  I open my eyes, drink in the surroundings, smile and get up.  Time to start the day.  Peace, peace, peace.  Much Love.