I stayed at my friend’s house last night to avoid driving an hour late at night because I go out with another friend for her birthday.  I sit across from him in front of his window.  We sit cross legged and go.  At first I am distracted by his energy listening to his breathing and presence.  My mind is more manic than normal, jumping from thought to thought.  Maybe it’s the excitement from sitting across from someone.  I sit up tall and I’m surprised by how much taller I can lengthen my spine. I notice that after time my spine shrinks and I have to keep lengthening.  Repeat.  My leg falls asleep and my foot goes completely numb.  Do I have to be uncomfortable when I meditate and just suffer through it?  I adjust my legs a little and go.  I think of the burlesque show the night before called Lady Guys vs Ladies.  I loved the creativity of everyone’s performances and how much they unapologetically owned their sexuality.  Every performer was very inspiring and they encourage me to be brave.  I think of my Thanksgiving day plans, will I make it back for yoga or should I go out for breakfast?  I’m hungry.   I listen to the silence and there are moments of emptiness.  It feels good to sit here and just be.  Finally the meditation is over.  I have to move my leg out of the way because it is numb and I have to wiggle my toes to feel them again.  I open my eyes and see the beautiful person sitting in front of me.  I smile.  Gratitude.