My dad’s name is Wayne Charles Hendricks.  My mother’s name is Irene Marganelli Hendricks.  Marganelli is her maiden name since she doesn’t have a middle name.  My maiden name is Amy Lynn Hendricks.  Now, it’s Amy Lynn Hager.  I never changed it after my divorce so that my last name is the same as my kids.  I have four brothers and I am the only girl.  3 of my brothers still live in Chicago, Brent, Eric and Kirt Wayne Hendricks.  My oldest brother Keith lives in Safety Harbor, Florida.  My dad moved into Benton House Assisted Living facility in Clermont, Florida last night.  I saw him this morning and he looks good!  I asked him if he feels better than he did at the other place and he said “Oh God, yes”.  He is alert, I can ask him questions and he responds.  Overall he looks A LOT better.  He went to the bathroom on his own too!  I’m so happy.  He likes to walk so we walked outside around the courtyard and sat outside on the rocking chairs where my son River ran to the door and back to mommy’s finger that tickles his armpits.  He giggles and laughs and my dad says that he likes him.  Everyone at the home loves seeing a child in the home and River plays with everything.  He throws a beach ball at me and I throw it back and he just keeps on laughing and playing.  I stayed for an hour and then went back to my house.  I’m exhausted.  

Overall the past few days have been very emotionally draining.  All I want to do is sleep.  My mom came to see him after me and had lunch with Wayne.  It’s $7 for her to have lunch at the facility and I think she will do this from now on so that she can eat with my dad and not have to shop, cook and clean.  It just feels right to have him here.  He has a much nicer bed and we added pictures to remind him of home.  He said that “it’s nice”.  Then he said “Let’s get out of here”.  I told him yes, that once my house is finished with construction then he can come home to visit.  My mom likes it there and the whole staff came to introduce themselves.  Everyone’s energy was very light and upbeat which makes me happy.  Tomorrow is my parent’s 48th anniversary.  I’m happy they get to spend it together.  Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!  I love you!  Peace Love & Light.