Hooray my dad is moved into Benton House!  He is now about 15 minutes from me and I can visit him!!!  Yay!!!!!  I am happy and hopeful that this home works out for him.  They have a beautiful facility and it is significantly nicer than his old home.  There are more activities and the place has a happier vibration to it.  He is close enough to come home for visits and I have some time to spend with him.  He is a lot weaker but I’m going to try to take him on walks, his favorite activity with me.  I didn’t see it but the hospital in Safety Harbor, FL said that he walks well with a walker.  I think this will save me a fall and he will be able to get out.  Clermont has a beautiful lake front with a bike path that I hope to show him.  The hospital said that he was stabilized but was a little agitated with the new surroundings.  They said it is disorienting for an Alzheimer’s patient to move so I feel this is normal.  I haven’t seen him yet believe it or not!  This was like an all day affair today.  

My mom has an 8am doctor appointment with a dentist and a 10am doctor appointment with a Neurologist for her Parkinson’s and then we had a noon appointment at Benton House to sign paperwork.  We had a novel to fill out.  It really felt like a mammoth task to move him.  We needed to get 1823 forms from the hospital, should we resuscitate or not forms, what does he like to eat, how does he like to wake up, power of attorney forms and finally furniture!  They don’t offer furniture so I gave him my son’s bed and dresser set.  I will buy my son a new set, I needed something fast.  I have a Prius and my Darrel, my ex-husband has a Highlander.  I see my neighbor Carl across the street getting his mail in his pickup truck.  I run across the street and ask him if he can help us move his bed and some belongings.  He was the most gracious angel ever who offered to help and wouldn’t accept anything more than a handshake.  I get out my drill and my ex has the wrench and we are drilling and unscrewing the bolts from the bed.  Piece by piece we take it out to the truck.  He has a tarp to keep things nice and off we go.  

My mom drives separate because she has to shop for a mattress pad in case he wets the bed and an extra set of sheets and towels.  Darrel drives separate with the kids and right before we were going to leave, my daughter bumps her head hard on my other neighbor, Elizabeth’s coffee table.  She comes home crying and we are alarmed.  We put ice on her head and leave.  She calms down in the car and both kids fall asleep.  We get to Benton House and unload the truck through the back door while Carl watches the kids in the car that is still running for air conditioning.  I drill the bed back together and Darrel tightens the bolts.  I have to remember the code to get out of the place with every trip as memory care is on lock down so patients don’t wander and get lost.  Darrel takes the kids home and Carl & I drive to the front and spot my mom.  She is worn down and is parked outside.  I know she is in pain after 6 and I simply run out to the car and start carrying things in with Carl.  I see her as I pass and she can barely talk and is super wobbly with her walk.  She needs to rest.  The home gets a wheel chair for her.  I know she is in pain but I can’t help but to feel like she puts on an extra pity show when she is around people.  I feel guilty even saying this but I often see her walking up and down the hill in my yard with a hose watering the plants and she is fine.  She does get worn down at night because she gets up so early so who knows.  I put on the mattress pad, the sheets and the comforter and put away some of his things.  Tomorrow I may bring the dresser for his cloths as my mom packed him a huge suitcase.  He doesn’t need all this stuff, but she wants it nice.  We bring a big family picture from home so he sees something that he is familiar with.   He has a roommate who seems nice but was sleeping the whole time.  We have to be quiet and keep the light off for him.

During this whole time we are calling back and forth to the hospital for my dad to get his final check ups and discharge papers.  The hospital provided transportation for my dad to get to the home so after we left the home around 7ish he was still an hour away.  I run back to Darrel’s house to check on the kids and bring them food.  They are asleep and I quietly put on their pull-ups.  I kiss them goodnight and go home.  My mom wants to go back to the home to greet him but she falls asleep.  I can wake her but I don’t.  She will be able to help him better if she gets a good night sleep.  I turn off the tv, get her a glass of water and turn on a nightlight.  Sweet dreams for now.  In the morning, we go to see my dad!!!!  

Tomorrow, the contractors tear out my kitchen tiles and continue to finish the flooring in the living room.  The office is painted and the room looks amazing!!!  I painted the walls a light gray color and the small room looks so much bigger.  Today was a busy day but there are lots of good things happening.  Energetically, I feel better making sure my dad is with my mom and that he is well cared for.  Even though his speech is disoriented, energetically I feel his soul.  I know he feels mine too.  We silently connect and I feel his love.  Sleep tight Prince Wayne.  I’ll see you soon.  Peace and love.