I continue on with my meditations, yay!  It’s seriously becoming one of the best parts of my day when I make time for it.  The key is just doing it, consistently.  As I start meditating I hear my neighbors dogs barking.  I think to myself, why do people think it’s ok to leave their dogs outside for long periods of time barking?  5 minutes, ok, I can understand but long periods is just rude.  It immediately takes me back to when I lived in Ecuador.  They let dogs run wild there even though they go back to the same families.  If your dog kills anyone’s chickens then they will poison your dog.  I lived in the Yambararra Alto valley in Vilcabamba Ecuador and people let their dogs bark all day and night.  You could hear the dogs barking to each other and because we were in a valley it seemed like you could hear them all.  My ex-husband was training 2 dogs there that he planned to sell and one of them went into heat.  Let me tell you, it’s crazy what a dog in heat will do to get to the boy dogs and visa versa.  Every male dog showed up at our fence, dug holes under the fence, made a hole right in the middle of the fence, etc.  The female that we were training would push her but up against the wire door so the boy dogs could get access.  Needless to say, we hardly left the house while she was in heat.  He was training high end dogs and the last thing we needed was for one to mate with a stray dog.  I remember having dogs in Ecuador was miserable because you really had to watch them or they would get poisoned.  There would always be one dog in town that would like to run up to you and possibly start a fight with your dog so you really didn’t want them to leave the yard either.  Anyway, when I started meditation and heard the neighbor dog bark it took me back to Ecuador.  

Last night I have my kids, who are the best sweetest kids in the world, btw.  Seriously they are…we all snuggle up in grandma’s bed and watch a Russian (I think) movie called I Am Dragon.  My kids love fantasy action movies.  They are over cartoons.  I tell them this is too scary and let’s watch something else and they refuse.  Their eyes are glued to this Russian movie that I have to read the subtitles for.  If I stop reading then my daughter says, “mommy, what are they saying?”.  They are scared and recognize basic emotions, like if someone is hurt or sad or if they are in love.  There is a scene where the boy kisses the girl and my four year old throws his hands over his eyes and says, “ahhhh, they are kissing” and buries his head in my arms.  I just giggle at all their reactions as they are entertained.  One kid curls up under one arm and my other kid curls up under the other arm and they are happy the whole movie.  My daughter and son both kiss me on the cheek and say I’m the best mommy ever.  Ok, flattery works sometimes:)  They are the best and I have to admit, the movie was really good too.  It’s something that I never would have picked out for myself but watching these fantasy movies is sparking my imagination.

Towards the end of my meditation, I see a squirrel crawl up my screened in porch.  I’m reminded of how they were in the attic.  The peaceful vegan in me turns angry and I run to scare it away.  I like squirrels but only when they are away from my house!  Peace out for now.  I still have a residual cough that is just nagging me.  I feel fine other than that.  My little girl has the same cough and I keep them home from school one last day to get better.  They wake up late and I wonder how I’m going to get them to bed on time.  I think I’ll have to take them to the park today:)