I hate ants in the house!!!!!  I don’t normally have any issues with ants since I don’t eat very much dried carbohydrates or junk food such as candy.  I don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs or butter.  I’m mostly eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and cooked whole food plant based meals.  I eat clean!  I like my house clean!  And I have ants!  Waaaaaahhh!  So what has changed?  

Grandma has moved in!  I love this woman to death but we eat completely the opposite and let’s just say she likes a lot of soda, chocolate, toast, chips, crackers, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, candy, junk food, meats, cheeses, dairy, etc.  Basically all the things I avoid because I read about Natural Hygiene and I’ve been completely fascinated with keeping your internal body clean to avoid disease too.  Before I learned about Natural Hygiene, I suffered from chronic eczema, sinusitis and I was sick at least a few times a year.  I almost never get any of this anymore after cleaning up my diet.  I say that because I’ve recently gotten sick because I took antibiotics for the first time in 10 years to kill parasites and my immune system has not been its normal self.  Aside from this recent flu, I haven’t been sick, I haven’t had a sinus infection and I haven’t had eczema in 10 years.  I feel amazing with lots of energy.  I can’t promote reading 80/10/10 Diet by Dr Douglas Graham enough.  This is a short version of the food portion of Natural Hygiene and an easy read.  It has changed my life and I’ve since gone on to take a full 2000 page Natural Hygiene course with Dr Robert Sniadach, transformationinstitute.org.  I can’t say enough good things about Robert.  He has been my friend and one of my mentors for years.

I can go on about Natural Hygiene but I would like to focus on these pesky ants.  I’ve watched my mom clean counter tops, wipe down cabinets, wash floors.  She has made a valiant effort to help with the problem.  Bottom line, if you have bugs in your house then your house is dirty and my house needed a deep cleaning.  I moved the refrigerator back and I find spilled coke on the floor that takes a long time to clean.  I don’t drink coke, and haven’t for years.  Then I move the stove back and I find about 100 dead ants and potato chips, ahhhhh!  My mom obviously used ant killer.  I clean the whole stove and behind it.  Then I vacuum the whole house, including her bedroom which also has ants.  I see potato chip crumbs everywhere.  I then move her lazy boy chair and I find chocolate smeared into the carpet.  I have to chisel the chocolate off the carpet and wash the carpet where the chocolate was.  I then proceed to finish vacuuming.  I turn my head to the living room and see grandma has given my kids a full tray of brownies and there are brownie crumbs everywhere, are you kidding me?  I sometimes think she is laughing her head off inside, messing with me but I can’t tell because I look at her and she has a straight face.  I’m not happy!  I don’t say anything to avoid a fight, especially in front of the kids but I’m burning up inside.  They say that nothing triggers you anymore when you are enlightened.  If this is the case then I have a lot of work to do because my mom is the trigger Amy master.  I proceed to vacuum all around the end tables.  I move couches and move another lazy boy chair and vacuum.  I’m on a serious mission.  I then begin to wash floors.  I’m seriously getting tired.  I clean the fireplace.  I shake the rugs in the bathroom.  I clean as best as I can without moving large heavy pieces of furniture.  I’m finished and I see another ant!  I know it’s going to take some time to get rid of them and there might be other secret messes that I’ll have to clean up.  Overall, the problem seems to be under control.  

Grandma does have lovable qualities, so don’t get me wrong.  Honestly, I learned how to clean from her.  Nobody was more anally clean than her when I grew up.  She taught me that when washing the floors, sweep first.  Then pull the mop back, never swish it back and forth.  I used to do chores for money when I was younger and one of them was cleaning.  She would inspect my job 3 or 4 times making me go back and clean areas I forgot or didn’t do a good enough job on before she would pay me.  She was tough.  She had high standards.  So what has changed?  She is very sick.  She has edema, crohn’s disease, a movement disorder similar to Parkinson’s but different called Chorea and regular kidney stones.  She also has no large intestine, gall bladder, uterus and has a colectomy bag where her small intestine is connected to a bag for her to poop.  She had carpal tunnel surgery and many others that I can’t remember.  Her hands hurt and it’s not as easy for her to clean like how she used to.  She is too weak to move the refrigerator or stove.  When she eats, her hands hurt, food falls out of them all the time because she has lost dexterity in them.  I stay patient with her and communicate the things I found that could have been causing the problems.  I request for her to eat in the kitchen to contain the problem.  She sees how hard I worked to fix the ant problem and says thank you and I love you.  She also knows how to hit the soft spots too.  I love you mom, I wish you didn’t hurt so much.  For now, I’m just glad that most of the ants are gone.  Peace out beautiful people!