When my ex-husband got sick with Lyme Disease about 6 years ago, his weight dropped down to 150 lbs at 6’3”.  We were successfully running a dog training business in Chicago, I had a 9 month old baby and he had severe arthritis in his joints that seemed to move around his body without an injury.  He also was extremely lethargic and often slept in his car between appointments.  He would even be parked in the driveway, sleeping on the wheel because he was too tired to walk inside.  It was clear that he needed a break from training dogs because his health was failing him.  It was at the height of his business that we worked so hard to grow that we decided to sell.  He is an extremely talented dog trainer and his body was inflamed and in pain.  I thought it was possible that if we didn’t make serious changes that he would die.  The month that we sold the business we were making $30,000 a month and it was on the verge of doubling.  We sold everything that we owned and moved to Vilcabamba Ecuador with a baby, 2 dogs and nothing but a suitcase.  Vilcabamba is known as the city of longevity or centurions and the fertile valley because of its moderate 70 degree year round climate.  I also knew there was a strong vegan and vegetarian expat community there as I was watching many of them on youtube.  I watched hours of youtube videos on Vilcabamba.  I saw there were families living there working on permaculture farms, plus it was super cheap.  I knew we had to go to this magical healing place in the middle of nowhere deep in the Andes Mountains.

My ex-husband needed time off to rest and take care of his health.  When we were there we found a small Ecuadorian house that was about 2 or 3 blocks away from our new friends Nic from Germany and Serena from Italy.  These are two of the most beautiful souls that I ever met.  I was on the raw food track but I didn’t know much about Natural Hygiene.  They were there taking a course from a man named Robert Sniadach at the Transformation Institute.  We became friends and they learned that my ex-husband was very sick.  They proceeded to tell me about Natural Hygiene and how following this lifestyle would help him boost his immune system and recover his health.  They told me that if they every got really sick that they would immediately do a water only fast followed up by a Natural Hygienic diet which consists of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds.  The bulk of the calories coming from fruits.  We were already vegetarian at this point for a few years because of my wedding juicer but we were still eating eggs and dairy.  When we heard how a high fruit low fat raw based diet could improve his health, we tried it.  He already tried antibiotics and it wasn’t working so we had nothing to lose.  The key is to stick with Natural Hygiene over time.  Reversing and cleansing the body takes time, it is not a quick fix.  It can take over a year to really heal the body with a clean diet and fasting can help speed up the healing.  

I ended up becoming friends with Robert Sniadach and took his Natural Hygiene course.  When I started reading it, I was shocked at how detailed and involved the 2000 page course would be.  I felt like a doctor reading about the body, the systems, how things worked and how to make the body thrive.  As far as I was concerned, Natural Hygiene was the greatest thing that ever learned.  It follows nature and as far as I’m concerned, mother nature didn’t mess things up.  If we follow this simple guideline to follow nature and go back to our roots as a species then all of us can have thriving health.  My ex-husband ended up making a fully recovery after 2 years of being debilitatingly sick.  My eczema and sinus issues disappear.  Our health was starting to thrive as we took some much needed time off to heal our bodies.  My life was forever changed after our move to Vilcabamba.  You can’t unlearn something.  Once you learn about it, there is a truth to it because it follows the laws of nature and the results speak.  Natural Hygiene makes logical sense.  When you try this lifestyle for a period of time, you will feel your health flourish as did mine.

The hardest part about making the lifestyle switch was trying to fit in socially.  The world doesn’t want you to be healthy and will not support it.  It is more socially acceptable to go out and get a double bacon cheese burger with fries and a beer or a coke than it is to eat a mango monomeal or a salad.  I was excited to teach everyone back home all about it because I saw many people suffering with illnesses or trauma’s and I wanted to help.  Most importantly I wanted to heal my mother’s Crohn’s disease, edema, kidney stones and Parkinson’s and my father’s Alzheimer’s.  I was really crushed that so many people, including my own parents, didn’t want to hear about it.  

I didn’t realize what a landmine talking about food was.  People have serious emotional addictions to food.  They emotionally medicate themselves through the pleasure of foods that taste good but are not good for you.  My peers didn’t care about Natural Hygiene.  I could barely talk about the extensive topic without triggering someone.  From my experience people weren’t interested in doing their own research on their own healthcare.  They would only take advice from a doctor which can be a mistake because so many of them are not trained on the health benefits of a plant based diet.  

As much as I would like to believe that everyone who graduates medical school is going to be a good doctor, it just isn’t true.  An example is that my old roommate from college was in medical school and one of her close friends hated medicine but she already started medical school and started accumulating a tremendous amount of loans.  The only way she could pay them off was to finish medical school and become a doctor.  Of course she didn’t realize she wasn’t going to like medicine when she started but it happened and I’m sure it happens to a lot of medical students.  Some people just want the intellectual prestige of being a doctor but not really have a true passion for medicine or the well-fare of their patients.  I advise people to really invest in your relationship with your doctor to make sure you find one that knows something about the health benefits of a plant based diet and new research or at least be open minded to learn from you.  

For me, if I see an unhealthy doctor, then I am skeptical of their advice.  If they can’t take good care of their own health then how can they possibly advise me on mine.  Now, I say this with caution because at the same time we need doctors for medical testing, check-ups and emergencies.  The combination of a well-informed doctor and the knowledge of Natural Hygiene can be a powerful force in the world of healthcare and medicine.  It’s just sad that the biggest benefactors to medical schools are big pharmaceutical companies, big food corporations, big charities who are in bed with the lobbyist, big time meat and diary industries and big time anyone who can make a profit by manipulating the government to modify the food pyramid just a little so they can sell more of their products.  These lobbyist impact the quality of the education that is taught in medical schools.  The topic that is the biggest taboo to talk about and is hardly even taught in medical schools is nutrition.  It takes a special doctor who discovers the truth about health and nutrition to be willing to stick their necks out against the grain of social conditioning to offer people truth and real quality healthcare.  The sad part about it is that there is more money to be made in what Natural Hygentists call the Disease Care system instead of the Health Care system.  If you can stay chronically ill but not die then everyone makes money at your expense.  Does this upset you?  It really pisses me off.  People I love are dying and it could have been prevented if there wasn’t such a gigantic cluster fuck of contradicting nutritional information forcing people to have to sift through the shit to find the truth.