Sometimes kids need one on one time with their parents.  My kids love it.  I spent the whole day with my son and then at night their daddy came and got him and I spent the evening with my girl.  My little girl is the sweetest most adorable thing in the world and she loves alone time with mommy.  She is in school longer hours now so it’s harder for my to get as much alone time with her as it was before school started.  It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life so I take time to slow down and be really present with her.  It’s some of my happiest times too.

We had lots of homework to do which almost seems crazy for a kinder-gardener.  We read 10 stories together, thank god I bought a lot of books at garage sales!  I love garage sales, btw.  There’s nothing more fun to me than finding cool things at bargain prices, lol.  It’s nice to read books with her alone because my son likes to read different boy books and she likes to read girl books.  I also can go slower with just her so that I can help her read.  When there’s words that I know she knows then I ask her to read them.  My son gets impatient with this but what do you expect with a 4 years old, lol.  As I sit with her I tell her that I love reading stories.  I put my arm around her and I ask, “do you know what I like even more?”.  She says, “what?”.  I say, “reading stories with you”.  I kiss her head and she giggles, she loves it.  I have a big box of books for her and she picks out 10 that she likes and we read through them one by one.  After stories we have to write her sight words.  Poor thing doesn’t want to do them because these are not small words, these are big words like “because”.  That’s a big word for a kinder-gardener!  I show her the automatic pencil sharper that I bought and she loves it.  Now she wants to sharpen every pencil in the house.  She sharpens so many pencils that she jams the pencil sharper, ugh!  Now she has no more delays and has to write her sight words.  We read through the words and then get ready for bed.

She normally sleeps with her brother but now that she is here alone she is too afraid to sleep alone.  She begs mommy to sleep with her.  I lay down with her and cuddle and hold her.  She loves it.  She really likes being held and loved on.  She falls asleep and I sneak into the other bedroom.  In the middle of the night I roll over and she’s in my bed!  Hahahaha, that little stinker, she came over in the middle of the night.  Normally I take her back to her room, but this night I let her stay.  Eventually she won’t want to cuddle with mom so I allow her.  She is so happy to spend the time with me.  We go to bed early so that in the morning she feels good. 

I wake her up and she gets dressed and we do her hair, her favorite part.  She has been a girly girl since she was a baby.  She liked painting her own nails as soon as she was able to.  If I was ever putting on makeup then she put on makeup.  If I dress up then she wants to dress up.  She copies and emulates my every move.  This is a big responsibility for me so I do my best to be a good example for her.  I brush her hair with the special soft brush that doesn’t pull.  I put her hair into a pony tail and give her a spiral pony tail curl.  Then we pick out a pretty head band and she is skipping all over the house bouncing that curl.  Grandma has grapes out for her and we bring them with on our trip to school.  She grabs her sparkle hot pink sequin back pack and off we go.  On the way she wants to listen to “Body like a Back Road”.  Her favorite song.  I put it on the blue tooth in the car and we sing and dance in the car the whole way.  We get to the front of the line and her principle opens the door and dances with Pepper.  Everyone laughs and I go home thinking, I’m blessed.  Being a mommy is rewarding.  I am one lucky mommy and I love spending the time with her because I can see how it makes her feel so good about herself.  She thrives when her emotional cup is filled up.  She is simply the most perfect, precious, beautiful little thing.  

Pepper has no idea how much she fills my emotional cup too.  My mother is starting to fall in the house and it is scary.  I am trying to stay calm and composed for everyone.  My mom fell the first time in her bedroom but it wasn’t so bad because it was on carpet.  Yesterday my mom turned and her right foot wouldn’t pick up.  I had my back to her and I saw out of the corner of my eye her hands reaching for me with a look of terror on her face.  She fell in the kitchen hard on her knee and arm.  I put both arms under her arm pits and help her up.  I walk her to her chair.  She is having a harder time walking and carrying anything at the same time.  She asks if I can bring her food to the table.  Get her a glass of water.  Carry her dirty plate back to the kitchen.  Get her phone and put it on her bed.  Hand her the tv remote.  I spend a lot of times carrying things for her back and forth throughout the house.  When she falls she cries and says that she wants to see my dad in his home in Tampa.  I tell her the kids are almost out of school and then we’ll go.  She gets scared and says she’s sorry.  I tell her never to apologize to me and that it’s ok.  I also like my alone time with my mother.  Over the past few months we have been building a very meaningful relationship.  We fought all the time before.  I had a shift and I’m happy that I did because I get to spend the last years with my mom with a positive relationship.  I accept her now where before I resisted her.

My little girls love makes me strong.  She loves me unconditionally.  I want to continue to evolve into the best person that I can because of my kids.  I love the nights where I get to cuddle with my girl.  Peace out beautiful people.  Life is a blessing, even the scary parts.  Enjoy the moment because that’s all we really have.  Love.