Amy Hager“My Mission is to spread love, joy and health through teaching others how to take excellent care of themselves.  Self care helps remove fear, creates excellent relationships, aligns oneself with their higher being and opens the door for creativity, calmness, a quiet mind, love and an unshakeable confidence.  It is necessary for mankind to learn about the health benefits of Natural Hygiene and or a whole food plant-based diet for their health, the well being of the animals and our planet.  Addictions can be healed with a quiet mind and self care.  I want to teach people how to find their truth, learn how wonderful a healthy body feels and experience physical joy through yoga.”

Hello everyone, this is Amy Hager, the founder of this company.  I started Self Healing Inspiration because I see a major deficiency in health causing information and coaching.  This is a passion project, something that I have to do with my life; let me explain.  One of the many reasons is that I’ve watched my parents, both in their late 60’s, suffer for over 25 years with poor health.  My mother has Edema, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s and regular kidney stones.  She has excellent insurance being a retired high school teacher and has received “the best” health care that money could buy.  She has flown to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN regularly over the past 25 years and spent millions of dollars trying to get healthy.  She tried every experimental trial, the latest pharmaceutical drugs, opted to do elective surgeries, anything EXCEPT change her diet and lifestyle.  Coming from a poor childhood she now loves her soft drinks, meat, dairy, junk food, candy, processed foods, etc.  These things she didn’t have growing up because she didn’t have the money.  My father also suffer’s from Alzheimer’s disease.  I couldn’t help but to think “the best” wasn’t good enough and there had to be a better way.

After I got married, husband at the time contracted Lyme Disease, and I was pregnant with no health insurance.  I had registered for a juicer for my wedding registry because I overheard someone saying they liked theirs, and I already had most of the other household items.  I started making fruit juices, looking for other juice ideas, and I discovered green juices on YouTube.  I was fascinated by the health information relating raw foods and health.  I saw people reversing their diseases naturally.  I further studied raw foods and whole food plant based nutrition and knew that it made sense that your health is directly tied into your lifestyle and what you are eating.  Having suffered from chronic sinusitis, eczema, and severe allergies, I was motivated to have a healthy baby and avoid any birth complications.  Not having health insurance became my motivation to research health and nutrition, and learn how to take excellent care of myself.  I now have two healthy children that went full term, 41 weeks each, each delivered at home naturally with no complications!  Also, my former husband is now healed from Lyme Disease!

The biggest challenge with my new-found healthy lifestyle was that I was one of the only ones practicing it as most of my friends and family were not.  The pressure to eat and drink poorly was incredible!  The isolation of healthy eating sparked my interest to move to Ecuador with my family to explore a health-conscious community where other people were like-minded raising healthy children.  There I discovered Natural Hygiene, the mother load of the best health information I could find.  Natural Hygiene is modeled after nature.  I met the best teachers and the healthiest people to learn more from.  Not only were they in shape, fit and happy, but they were progressing well into their advanced years.  They were growing old healthy, not bound to a wheel chair, pills, surgeries and fully mobile and strong.  One 75 year old man even walked across the beach on his hands! 

I have dedicated myself to Health through Natural Hygiene and Yoga which compliments Natural Hygiene perfectly.  I have seen my health and body dramatically improve.  I no longer have sinus issues, allergies, or eczema.  I am able to run faster at 40 than in my 20’s and my yoga practice soars.  I feel amazing and I want to share that feeling with others.  You don’t have to suffer.  You have the choice to thrive, and you have all the power within you.  You don’t need to spend millions of dollars on hospitals, pills, supplements and unnecessary surgeries.  All diseases are caused by toxicity and deficiency of vitamins and minerals.  All healing is self healing, and you can do it.  I offer knowledge and coaching from years of research, trial and error, and a fierce passion to spread the word to help others avoid suffering.  Change your life today and help be an example for others!