Wednesday’s my 4 year old boy, River doesn’t have pre-school.  I wake up early to teach a 7am yoga class and come home to meditate.  Grandma and my 4 year old are home.  I’m distracted as heck meditating on Wednesdays.  I go out to my pool house and within 8 minutes my little boy scratches his foot on the screen door coming outside.  We have a bandaid crisis because we ran out of bandaids.  I give him a big bear hug and he melts into me.  It’s not so bad to be distracted sometimes:) . I rub his back and say, I love your hugs, awe.  He goes to play with his lego men and toy boat.  I go back outside to meditate and he comes out again.  He climbs all over me.  Then he says a bird pooped on your head.  I respond only by making a gross looking face.  He laughs.  Now the bird poops on my ears and eyes and shoulders.  I make more yucky faces and he laughs and laughs and laughs.  He has an evil giggle.  I then tell him he’s a yucky boy.  He responds and says I’m a yucky boy!  I say, I’m not a boy.  Evil laugh, yes you are!  No I’m not, silly face!  Lots of laughing.  He climbs on me again and he has the softest, silkiest skin.  I can’t resist but to tickle his armpits and then under his chin.  He laughs and gives me hugs.  A bird pooped on your head, he says!  No, I say!  Evil giggles.  This goes on and on.  Why do little kids love poo poo talk?  Later on his daddy told me that he took them to the park a bird really did poop on him and the kids thought it was really funny.  Just the word poop makes them laugh:)   He is a charming, beautiful, yucky boy!  I love him!  Again, getting distracted isn’t so bad.  He wants pancakes.  He pulls my hand and leads me to the house.  He only wants mommy to make pancakes.  He doesn’t want grandma to make pancakes.  I go in and make pancakes.  They are already made in the freezer and I go in and pop them in the toaster feed him and go back out.

I have 15 more minutes.  I close my eyes and my mom comes out.  She knows I’m meditating so she quietly walks past me and I keep my eyes closed.  I try not to let her energy distract me but it’s there and even though neither one of us says anything, we can feel it.  She can’t stay quiet for long.  After 5 minutes she says, “that bush needs to be trimmed”.  Then she gets up to go get the clippers and trim the bush.  She likes to do yard work in the morning before the sun gets too hot.  She likes it when everyone is at home.  She just moved here and doesn’t have an established group of friends yet so her social life revolves around the family.  To be honest, I like having her here too.  Pleasant mornings.

The alarm rings which is fine because I’m distracted listening to her struggle to trim a bush right next to me.  I go in to write my blog before I forget.  I write a paragraph and their daddy stops by.  He sits right next to me in the office.  It’s distracting to write with him here.  River wants to drive his toy car so we go outside and help him with his car.  My mom ropes Darrel into picking up leaves with her and I race inside to finish writing.  I make a smoothie and sit down.  River wants a movie on and they all come inside.  I go back into the office after I turn on Monster House for the millionth time.  I sit down to write and Darrel follows me in.  I can barely focus so I hurry to finish.  This is just how my morning is going.  I have a Thai Yoga session today so I’m going to get ready for that.  Sometimes getting distracted by people you love isn’t so bad.  Goodbye beautiful people!  I hope no birds poop on your heads!  Evil laugh!  Chao!