Hello beautiful people, I have to write about the good news too!  The good news is that I just finished my 300 Hour Yoga Teacher training!!!  Hooray!  I’m super excited about finishing this amazing course with our teacher Shelly Kwiatkouski from Hot House Yoga in Ormond Beach.  Shelly drove in from out of town one weekend a month to One Yoga & Fitness in Clermont for almost a year!  We focused on anatomy, the chakras, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, energy healings, sequencing, adjusting, assisting, breathing, meditating and breaking our hearts open so we could heal.  It has been a wild healing journey for me.  I walked into the yoga teacher training just wanting to do a handstand, lol!  I had no idea what I was in for.  We spent Fridays 5-9, Saturdays 8am-8pm and Sundays 8am-5pm working on our skills.  This was a deep journey for me because I walked into this yoga training feeling like I already did so much self healing work that I thought I was done.  I didn’t know how much more I had to go.  Every weekend I walked into the room with these girls just wanting to not cry and hold my shit together.  Every weekend I unraveled and sobbed my heart out.  It seemed like the tears wouldn’t end.  I didn’t realize how broken and hurt I was.  This beautiful and amazing group of people listened, held my hand and supported me while I healed one aspect of my life at a time.  I’ll be forever grateful for this beautiful experience of love and friendship.  It wasn’t an easy process for me but I needed it and I didn’t know I needed it.  After every weekend I would research videos on spiritual growth like I was hungry for it.  I felt like it was the only way to find happiness for me so I was willing to work.  I want a happy life.  Shelly has a way of pushing your buttons in order to jump you forward and get you out of old patterns.  It was uncomfortable at times because I didn’t always agree but I did always respect the other opinion and I meditated on everything.  I’m glad that I did it.  

I selfishly wanted to do teacher training with Shelly because I loved her sequencing.  I rallied some recruits together and told Gina the owner at One Yoga that we needed to do this training after it was originally passed over a few months back.  I thought we could get enough people.  She agreed and I invited some of these beautiful souls to go on this journey with me.  2 people didn’t finish but they helped so much as well during the time that they were there.  Shelly is an advanced teacher and while she claims that anatomy isn’t her strength, it’s definitely a strong point for her.  She can choreograph a routine that twists you into all sorts of challenging shapes while she creatively stimulates your brain leaving you wondering what the heck will come next.  After one of her classes your body aches for that savasana as you think what just happened.  I would think “ok, I’ve seen it all” with her but she seemed to have an endless supply of tricks in her goody bag, keeping you wanting to know what else does she got.  Let’s just say, 14 plus years of yoga experience leaves you with a big goody bag.  Shelly has super long hair down to her butt and somehow she can teach a class while demo’ing everything without messing all that hair up.  She twists it into a bun, teaches and let’s it all flow down as if nothing happened afterwards.  Of course I don’t have a picture with Shelly to show you but I’ll get one:)

When you finish a 200 hour yoga teacher training then you can teach yoga.  After a 300 hour yoga teacher training and your 200 hour yoga teacher training then you are a full 500 hour yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and you can teach teachers.  I’ve also got a 100 hour training for Bikram, 40 hours for a hot training and 60 hours for thai yoga training too.  All this training can get expensive!  I’m done with the big trainings for now.  I’m very excited for all that has yet to come and I feel a grounding that I haven’t felt in a long time.  Something is anchoring me down while the chaos of life swirls around me.  I found peace. 

Namaste beautiful yogis.  If you haven’t tried my private Assisted Thai Yoga treatment then what the heck are you waiting for?  I promise it will be a very therapeutic healing experience that will help you feel blissful afterwards.  It’s better than a massage in my opinion and if you haven’t tried it then you haven’t lived yet:) . It’s the ultimate in self care.  I’m teaching classes at One Yoga & Fitness in Clermont, FL.  I would love to see you on the mat.  Yoga is for everybody so please don’t feel intimidated if you’ve never tried it before.  I just did a Thai session with a girl who said she couldn’t climb stairs because the arthritis in her knees hurt her so bad.  Yoga helped to heal her knees and now she has no issues climbing stairs.  That is amazing.  That is why I do what I do.  That is something that I want to give to everyone:) . Come see me and let’s work on it together:) . I offer privates if you don’t like being in a big group setting.  Much love to you all.  Peace out beautiful people!  I have a feeling that life is going to get good.  Yes I have so much going on with taking care of my parents but I’m happy to do it despite the stress that I feel at times.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t have a bad day, because I do.  When I get super stressed out I think to myself.  All I have to do is stop.  Yes it’s that simple.  Stop.  Find the quiet and listen.  I love you.  I hope you feel inspired to invest in yourself because you are worth it.