Hello Everyone,

The topic of garlic recently came up for me in a very personal way.  I have been practicing a high raw Natural Hygiene diet for about 7 years now.  One of the principals of Natural Hygiene is no garlic.  The main reasons being that garlic has allicin which is responsible for it’s strong pungency and aroma.  One of the principals of Natural Hygiene is that if you can’t make a meal out of it then it’s not food.  That is strange to think of eating a meal of garlic and the thought of that just sounds painful.  Allicin is commonly used in gardens as a natural pesticide and people often plant it next to other plants to help prevent other plants from any pest invasion.  If you rub it on your skin it can cause irritation or blister and burn the skin.  From a spirituality perspective, garlic can possibly constrict the vibrational channels or nadis which can be overly stimulating or cloud the mind which can prevent mental clarity or higher states of consciousness.

Garlic is a powerful herb and it is recommended to use it as a medicine but not for daily consumption.  It is an antibiotic and we all know that antibiotics do not discriminate between the “bad guys” and the “good guys” in your gut.  Cooked garlic have less of an effect because cooking destroys much of the sulfur.  Yet, enough of it remains to still harm the friendly bacteria in your gut. 

On the other side of the coin I read of many healing properties of garlic including the following:

  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Reduces high cholesterol
  • Cleans blood
  • It is anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-parasitical
  • It is a natural antibiotic
  • It is an aphrodisiac

All that being said, here is my personal story with garlic.  I have been avoiding it for the past 6 or 7 years to follow Natural Hygiene principals.  If I did have any then it was very small quantities.  I have been eating a very high raw low fat vegan diet called Natural Hygiene and there is a shortened book on the topic called 80/10/10 Diet by Dr Douglas Graham.  I have felt amazing on this diet except for one thing, I have felt bloated a lot and not knowing why.  Is it the diet?  Have I been doing something wrong? 

About 5 years ago I lived in Ecuador and drank the tap water and used a UV light to purify the water.  I ate out at restaurants frequently as well.  Both my partner and I did get sick and we had fecal exams that said we had parasites.  I took papaya seed blends and a 7 seed anti-parasite seed blend and then thought the problem was solved.  2 years ago I sailed around the world with my parents and at one of the Polynesian islands, I took a bite out of a mango and a white worm crawled out of it!  Yikes!  Last year I did a 14 day water only fast and thought that I cleaned my body pretty good.

About 2 weeks ago, I ate super garlicky food for the first time in awhile because my dear friend bought me lunch at work.  When I went home after work I felt a string hanging down my leg.  I reached down and was about to throw it away and then looked again.  It was a parasite, round worm!  OMG, I never saw one before.  I heard stories of people having parasites but it didn’t seem real.  Even when I had the test in Ecuador, I never saw them and I thought that if I ate clean then they would pass naturally.  I have a Natural Hygiene mentor and he said that I would have to do a prolonged water fast of approximately 35 days to get rid of them in order to starve them and he recommended that I take the anti-parasitical medicine because a fast this long can be dangerous if unsupervised.  I ended up taking Albendazole.  This is also the fist time that I have taken pharmaceuticals in possibly 8-10 years.  Natural Hygiene believes that nothing heals the body and it is our job to aid the body by feeding it the right nutrition.  There is only one disease and that is toxicity and a deficiency of vitamins and minerals.  I do believe that Natural Hygiene heals auto-immune diseases because I’ve seen it work.  My partner had Lyme Disease for 2 years and healed himself through changing his diet along with herbs and something called MMS.  I healed my chronic sinusitis and eczema through Natural Hygiene.  But what about parasites?

The high fruit diet that I have been on happens to be the perfect food for parasites as well.  Worms like compost and that has been essentially what I have been feeding it.  Round worms live in the small intestine right where the stomach releases food to the small intestine.  It is common to feel bloated when you have a parasite because you keep eating but don’t feel full.  The reason being, the worms are eating your food.  I also wonder what parasites do to your emotions.  Your gut is like your second brain and it can make you feel more emotional.

This experience has changed my perspective of garlic, herbs and pharmaceuticals in general.  I do see the medicinal benefits of these foods where it was always in debate for me before.  I now intend an herbal cleanse so to speak periodically.  I don’t plan on eating garlic daily but as I said, I will use it as medicine.  Like all antibiotics, they don’t discriminate between the good guys and the bad guys and the garlic that I ate killed a parasite.  If it can kill a parasite then it is also killing the good bacteria in my gut as well.  Therefore, eat it but be mindful.  It is good not to get so attached to any one idea of eating and to always question everything.  I still do a lot to avoid pharmaceuticals but I do see and am grateful to have them in the case emergencies and for me, parasites.  Please do your own research.  I am simply sharing my experience and story in efforts to help you along with your health journey.  I think it is critical for you to learn about health and how to care for your own body.  Nobody is going to care about your health more than you and there is so much that you can do that is within your control.  I once had a teacher tell me, “Imagine that you have only 1 car your whole lifetime.  If you knew that then you might take extra care for your car.  You only have one body.  What can you do to take the best care of the vehicle that you live in?”

My overall personal experience with Natural Hygiene has been excellent.  I have healed almost all of my ailments.  I rarely get sick and if I feel it coming on then I’m able to reverse it quickly through fasting, rest and clean eating.  My physical performance has been soaring even at 43.  My workouts are better than they were in my 20’s and I’m able to recover faster and have a more consistent practice.  I put in an hour a day to my fitness at an intense level and it has gradually taken off.  My yoga practice has never been better and I feel great.  I’m honestly excited to have found this parasite because I now know what was wrong and now that it is gone I know my practice will soar even more.  I am also open to the benefit of herbs such as garlic as a natural anti-biotic and use it medicinally.  Many blessings and I wish you good health and a Happy New Year!  It is my goal as a healer to heal my own body, mind and spirit and to teach others to do the same.  Peace.