Create a happy healthy life!

Amy Lynn Hager, Assisted Thai Yoga Healer

My passion is to empower others to live fearlessly, align their passions and create a happy healthy life! Learn healthy eating tips, how to follow your intuition, calm and heal the mind so that you can tap into your creativity, and develop community! Allow yourself to envision your dream life and manifest it today!

Assisted Thai Yoga
Happy Health Life Coaching
Book cover: Health Through Fruit, Weight Loss and Disease Reversal Cure

Assisted Thai Yoga

Let the healing begin!
Bliss out with the spa relaxing
stretch service that opens the body, relieves pain
and relaxes your stress away!
in that it is a three dimensional stretching,
twisting and compression service.
It is a must try service!

Happy Health Life Coaching

Learn the ideal lifestyle to create a happy healthy person!
This includes soul coaching, nutrition knowledge and exercise tips.
Find your bodies ideal bodyweight, gain energy,
heal your mind, body and soul!
Live the life you’ve always wanted NOW!
Group classes available!

Health Through Fruit Author

Read this sensational eBook!
Learn Amy’s journey to health through the steep
Andes Mountains of Ecuador.
She successfully healed her chronic sinusitis,
eczema and her ex-husband’s Lyme Disease.
Nothing is better than true health!